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It's hard to believe that my littlest baby doll is already

9 pounds, 1 ounce and 21 inches long
This kid is already holding her head up pretty well, smiling at Mommy, and rolling onto her side (she's made it onto her tummy twice!).
She's the queen of spitting up and loves to soak her onesies in milk.

Charley isn't a huge fan of the binky like Grace ended up being, but she'll take it every now and then.
She still sleeps a lot. Mostly in 5-6 hour stretches and then eats every hour to make up for it. This is great at night when I only have to wake up once to feed her and also at work when she hides under my desk in her sleeper all day long.
From her 4D ultrasounds and the way she looked when she was first born, we thought she looked like Daddy all the way.
Turns out, she resembles my baby pictures even more so than Grace did!

(I'll post a comparison soon.)
Charley loves her sister and would watch her all day if only she could stay awake that long. G…

Memorial Day

We usually go out of town for Memorial Day weekend but decided to stay home this year.
Life has been crazy lately, and we knew we could use a few days of relaxing together to kind of regroup.
We spent Saturday shopping, and Grace and Charley both got some super cute new outfits.
Sunday we went to see the Beach Boys with Kasie and Jeremy.
Monday we spent the entire day in the back yard enjoying the beautiful weather and each other's company.
Charley even spent the whole day outside and loved every second of it:

Grace got a new pool, so Daddy blew it up for her, she put her swim suit on, and went outside to check it out:

Then she sang "Rockabye Baby" to Charley and rocked her in her sleeper:

We tried out the slide on her pool:

She was too afraid to actually go down. We'll have to practice more next weekend.
Charley napped and then hung out some more:

Grace ate a pouch and got Daddy to set up her other new water toy:

She didn't want to run through it like a normal …

Last Week...

...Grace hung out with Grandma Lisa and had some crazy hair after they played in her little pool:

...she snacked on crackers and cheese:
Notice her little legs crossed under the cute!
...Charley napped in her sleeper:

...and made some cute little faces when I woke her up to eat:

...Daddy got a picture of Grace mean muggin' for the camera:

...Charley slept some more:

...she looked tiny all swaddled up at bed time:

...I snuck up on Grace playing in her "fote" (fort) Daddy built her:

...more sleeping from the little one:

...I tried a 0-3 months size shirt on her and it was HUGE. I guess we'll keep her in newborn sizes for a while longer:

...the girls snuggled:

...Isaac's mom and dad watched the girls so we could enjoy a much needed 'adult' night out. We started with dinner at Gordon Beirsch with Kasie and Jeremy where Isaac decided to try a martini for the first time (he watched 007 earlier in the day):

Last Week...

...I went back to work. (Say whaaaa?!)

Yes, you read that correctly. Two weeks after surgery I was back at the office. My plan was not to go back full time right away, but I only ended up leaving one hour early twice. Since Charley gets to come with me, the days go by pretty fast. I must admit though, it was nice to get to stay at home with my girls during the day. Grace really liked having Mommy stay with her, too.

...Grace hit the twenty-three month mark.
...Charley is two weeks old:

...Grace learned to dip Oreos in milk:

...we all played together in the front room. Grace taught Charley about her toys and showed her how to do tummy time:

She also tried to burp Charley and kept giving her hugs and kisses. She doesn't understand that Charley is little, so we're trying to teach her to be soft when she plays with her:

...Charley snuggled in her bunny bouncer at the office:

...she still LOVES her sleeper at home. I'm getting another one this week to keep at the office: