Last Week...

...I still couldn't get over how small Charley was! This is her at one week old:

...I got to stay home from work on maternity leave, so Kelli and Tenley stopped by to see baby Charley:

...Grandma and Poppa brought us a strawberry pie and Gracie loved it:

...Charley and I spent some time snuggling:

...Grace ate scrambled eggs for breakfast. Daddy taught her that if she eats them all, she'll get big and strong:

...Grace watched Charley hang out in her crib...

...and decided she needed some toys to cuddle with:

...Charley had her very first bottle and Grace was such a proud big sister helping Daddy feed her:

...Charley spent more time sleeping. This kid seriously wakes up to eat and sleeps almost every other second of the day. She'll stay awake for a few minutes here and there just looking around, but never cries. She just squeaks to let me know when she's hungry. Best.Baby.Ever:

...we celebrated at the Unertl wedding.

...the whole family went in to work for a few hours on Saturday. I had to get things ready to go back on Monday, and Grace had to color pictures for Grandpa:

...we had dinner out on the houseboat with mom and Rick where Grace had some strawberries:

...I had a wonderful Mother's Day with my baby girls.

See you next week :)

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