Last Week... Charley was born:

...we spent two and half days in the hospital and got lots of visitors:

...Grace brought me flowers after my surgery:

...Charley had her first "bath" under the sink: mom brought us cupcakes to celebrate Charley's birthday. Grace really enjoyed this part:

...Grace watched Charley open her eyes for the first time and got super excited:

...Isaac spent all of his time in the hospital snuggling with baby girl. He seriously held her constantly:

...Grace gave Charley kisses from Cookie Monster:

...she admired her new baby sister:

...Mommy finally got Daddy to hand baby over so she could get in some snuggle time:

...while we waited to get discharged from the hospital, Charley got her first taste of Sportscenter with Daddy:

...Kasie made us this great comparison photo of Grace (left) and Charley (right):

...we got to take baby girl home:

...Grace was so happy to have us all home together that she ran around the living room screaming. She wasn't sure what to think of baby Charley:

...I had to get a picture of Charley's teeny tiny baby feet:

thank heaven for little girls

...she fell in love with her sleeper instantly and spent most of her time there:

...Grace, Charley, and I snuggled on the couch while watching movies together:

...Grace helped Mommy with Charley:

...she dressed up and was the cutest little girl in the world:

...we celebrated Cinco de Mayo with our besties.

...Charley hung out on the bed (look how light her hair is in the sun!):

...Grace passed out in the car after a long day of shopping:

...she and Charley napped together on the couch:

...Charley snuggled and relaxed with Mommy after a long week:

...Grace stayed in her PJs and was happy as could be spending time at home with her family. She had a rough week spending three days away from us while we were in the hospital. After being extremely clingy and a little jealous, she's really starting to get used to Charley and loves hugging her and helping us take care of her. Such a great big sister already:

See you next week!

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