Last year was my first Mother's Day as an actual mother. I wasn't even thinking about a second baby at the time.

This year, I had two beautiful babies to celebrate mommy-hood with:

When we woke up in the morning, we spent some time snuggling together in bed:

Grace took care of Charley, so I could have a break:

Of course, Charley just snoozed away, so there wasn't much for Grace to do:

I had already told Isaac exactly what I wanted, but wasn't sure that he'd remember or actually get it for me.

When Grace was born, his mom got me a beautiful frame with a picture of Grace and all of her birth stats engraved on the side.

I needed wanted one for Charley too, so that they'd each have one when they got older.

To my surprise, Isaac remembered and gave it to me while I was cuddling with my girls (it still feels amazing to say MY GIRLS!):

I absolutely love it and put it in the hutch next to Grace's immediately so everyone could see it when they came over.

Then, Grace and Charley gave me another surprise; this super cute Pandora bracelet from Jared:

Grace picked out a carriage charm from Charley, a 'mom' charm from her, and a charm with each of their birthstones (diamond for April and pearl for lucky is that?!):

I have the best kiddos in the world!

Grace was really excited about it:

A little later, Grace took a bath and brushed her teeth to get ready for the day:

Charley's umbilical cord fell off, so she got her first bath too:

She was not very happy about it:

Once we were all ready, Grace posed for some pictures. This kid is obsessed with the camera:

Isaac's mom, Craig, Zacarias, and Stefanie came over for brunch. Isaac made some waffles and I made a fruit salad. Along with mimosas and monkey bread, it was delicious!

A little later we went to my mom's to have dinner and spend some time with her. This was the first year I didn't go to the Artfest on Water Street with her. It's always been our Mother's Day tradition. Next year we'll be back at it for sure!

I can't believe I am a mommy to TWO beautiful little girls. I'm so thankful to have them in my life along with such an amazing husband. Mother's Day was extra special this year, and I couldn't have asked for more!

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