Last Week...

...Grace hung out with Grandma Lisa and had some crazy hair after they played in her little pool:

...she snacked on crackers and cheese:

Notice her little legs crossed under the cute!

...Charley napped in her sleeper:

...and made some cute little faces when I woke her up to eat:

...Daddy got a picture of Grace mean muggin' for the camera:

...Charley slept some more:

...she looked tiny all swaddled up at bed time:

...I snuck up on Grace playing in her "fote" (fort) Daddy built her:

...more sleeping from the little one:

...I tried a 0-3 months size shirt on her and it was HUGE. I guess we'll keep her in newborn sizes for a while longer:

...the girls snuggled:

...Isaac's mom and dad watched the girls so we could enjoy a much needed 'adult' night out. We started with dinner at Gordon Beirsch with Kasie and Jeremy where Isaac decided to try a martini for the first time (he watched 007 earlier in the day):

Next, we headed to Red Rock Casino to see The Beach Boys (we were going to see Elton John, but the show got cancelled):

Midway through the concert, we skipped out and headed for the bowling lanes. We had so much fun laughing and having a few drinks with such great friends. I think this is definitely something we need to do more often!

See ya next week :)

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