Last Week...

...I went back to work. (Say whaaaa?!)

Yes, you read that correctly. Two weeks after surgery I was back at the office. My plan was not to go back full time right away, but I only ended up leaving one hour early twice. Since Charley gets to come with me, the days go by pretty fast. I must admit though, it was nice to get to stay at home with my girls during the day. Grace really liked having Mommy stay with her, too.

...Grace hit the twenty-three month mark.

...Charley is two weeks old:

...Grace learned to dip Oreos in milk:

...we all played together in the front room. Grace taught Charley about her toys and showed her how to do tummy time:

She also tried to burp Charley and kept giving her hugs and kisses. She doesn't understand that Charley is little, so we're trying to teach her to be soft when she plays with her:

...Charley snuggled in her bunny bouncer at the office:

...she still LOVES her sleeper at home. I'm getting another one this week to keep at the office:

...Daddy built Grace her first fort. She had so much fun and now asks him to play "fote" with her every day:

She took everything in there including her diaper bag and shoes:

She even got Mommy to come check it out:

...we played outside in Grace's new kiddie pool. She got the cutest vintage swimsuit last week and had a blast playing in the water:

Charley even got to come outside and get some Vitamin D:

...Grace had so much fun on Saturday, that she played in the pool again on Sunday night before bath time:

See you next week!!

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