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Baby Kisses

Can you believe little Chawee is FIFTEEN months old?     She's so much fun nowadays, and we just can't get enough of her. Especially Gracie. She may tease her and push her around, but she doesn't want to go anywhere without her little sis and wants to make sure Char has everything she needs.   Charley's little personality has really blossomed this month as she is able to tell us what she wants or needs, make us laugh, and give us baby kisses.   She is talking more each day and can now say:   "Cheese" when taking pictures Off "wa wa" for water or juice "git" like when I tell her to get out of the laundry room (she's always in there) Go Go Go Uh-Oh Eyes "Gose" for nose Up "Moh" for more of something "Ahh din" for all done "Tank oooh" for thank you "Woore" to roar like a lion "Ooohh" for moo like a cow "Mammy" for Grammy

Last Week...

...Auntie Elisha took Grace to a birthday party where she got to play with Avery:     ...we met Papa Rick at Ventano for dinner. Charley got to do whatever she wanted, because Gracie wasn't there. She chose to sit on the table and feed Daddy his dinner:     ...Grace and Charley played with Cookie Monster, made cakes out of Legos, and cooked dinner:                       (Somehow this video snuck onto last week's post...oops!)   ...all of that really tuckered Charley out, so she watched Tangled in her recliner:     ...Grace went to gymnastics and worked on stretching, hand stands, back summersaults, and beam. It's the cutest thing ever to watch her little body trying to do all of these things:         ...the girls played in their house after some crazy wind blew leaves ALL over our yard, and Charley tried to help clean them up:        ...I've been getting my nails done