Last Week...

...we went to dinner at Holsteins in the Cosmopolitan and enjoyed their super delicious burgers and shakes:
...after dinner, the Sebastians met us at the Cosmo pool for their 'Dive-In Movie' night. It was so fun! We got some great seats, got to swim and play, and watched Despicable Me at the same time. I definitely think we'll be going back:
Daddy's Girl
...we had Memphis Barbecue for dinner, and Charley was double fisting their yummy rolls. She liked them so much they put her into a daze:
...the girls and I made shirts for them to wear on the Fourth of July:
...Auntie Allison got the girls some adorable red, white, and blue outfits, so they wore them to school for their party on Wednesday:
...I got my nails done during my one afternoon that I get to myself every other week:
...Charley read books and played games on the iPad while Gracie napped:
...we celebrated the Fourth of July with Matt and Francesca on Thursday.
...we ended up only working a half day on Friday as well, so we took the girls to lunch at Lucille's where Charley devoured some mac and cheese:
...after lunch, we met the Sebastians at the Fiesta to see Despicable Me 2 (perfect follow up to our Monday night movie). The kids usually do great at the movies, but this one just couldn't keep their attention. Luckily, we snagged some seats in the very back, so it didn't bother anyone when they ran all over the back of the theater singing, "Don't Stop the Partyyyyy". Nevertheless, they had a blast, so it was fun anyways:
...after cleaning the upstairs closet out, I realized that I made Grace a blanket when she was a baby but never made Charley one. I decided to start one for Charley this week, Grace was fascinated and determined to help me. She couldn't understand why I wasn't just finishing it that night, and set it aside to work on later. Silly girl:
...we met Kasie and Jeremy at the Westin at Lake Las Vegas to hang out by their pool. The plan was to stay late, so we could watch the firework show that night. After about six hours of being in the pool, us and the kiddos were pretty much done. We didn't get to see the fireworks, but had a great day anyways. 
Isaac's sister, Elisha, works there and got us a cabana for the day. Charley really enjoyed playing in the cabinets. We hung out in there for a while before heading to the pool. It was overcast, so it wasn't too hot. Grace loved swimming and said, "I can't believe I can stand!" in the small pool. They also had an area with a beach entry into the lake with paddle boarding, pedal boats, a huge water slide, and a DJ spinning music all day. The girls took turns napping on a lounge chair next to the pool, while we enjoyed some frozen margaritas and fresh Baja style tacos. It was so much fun and the perfect way to spend a Saturday:
...everyone took baths and went straight to bed afterwards. We were all exhausted from our long day of fun:
...we headed to breakfast at The Coffee Cup on Sunday morning. Charley has really become a fan of chocolate milk over the past couple of weeks:
...after breakfast, we headed out to Grandpa and Grandma Whiting's house to spend the day with them. The girls had fun playing with megaphones, Grandma's jewelry, and pushing each other around in the ottomans:
(This is Char's mad face...notice the clenched fists.)
After a while, we heard some thunder, and it started to rain. It's been a long time since we've gotten any rain, so Charley couldn't believe it and was pretty excited:
...we grabbed some dinner at BJ's before heading home:
...the girls were tired and passed out early. I love that they love to sleep next to each other at night:
That's all for now. See ya next week!

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