Play Date with the Luks

Last week, we had a play date with the Luks.
Jessica and I cheered together in high school and kind of lost touch afterwards since I graduated a year before her. Fast forward eight or so years...we live about two streets away from each other and are both married with two babies. Her kids are thee cutest, and the girls love to play with them. Since we live near each other, they'll most likely end up going to school together (and maybe they'll cheer together just like we did?!).
Thursday after I picked Grace and Charley up from school, we ran home to grab swim suits and headed over to their house for some fun.
The girls instantly went for the play kitchen and made us some snacks.
Then, Charley found the dress up box, and our big little girls turned into princesses right before our eyes.
Rapunzel even had her pan all ready to go.
They were quickly over that and wanted to be on to the next thing, so we headed outside to play in Scarlett's princess pool.
The girls decided to have a quick tea party first.
They splashed around in the pool and then played on the slide. It was so funny to watch them run into each other and giggle like crazy.
Meanwhile, Charley drove around in their car.
Then, it was time for a popsicle break.
Jessica made some cool moon sand out of flour and baby oil. It felt just like regular sand, and it smelled amazing.
Then, out of no where, these tiny clouds started dropping rain. It was so weird, but the kiddos loved it and ran to the swing set to play in it quickly before it went away.
We had so much fun playing with Scarlett and watching little Hudson learning to crawl around.
I love that our kids like to play with each other and have so much fun together.
Can't wait to have them over to our house to play soon!

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