Baby Kisses

Can you believe little Chawee is FIFTEEN months old?
She's so much fun nowadays, and we just can't get enough of her. Especially Gracie. She may tease her and push her around, but she doesn't want to go anywhere without her little sis and wants to make sure Char has everything she needs.
Charley's little personality has really blossomed this month as she is able to tell us what she wants or needs, make us laugh, and give us baby kisses.
She is talking more each day and can now say:
"Cheese" when taking pictures
"wa wa" for water or juice
"git" like when I tell her to get out of the laundry room (she's always in there)
Go Go Go
"Gose" for nose
"Moh" for more of something
"Ahh din" for all done
"Tank oooh" for thank you
"Woore" to roar like a lion
"Ooohh" for moo like a cow
"Mammy" for Grammy
"I-uh-oo" for I love you
In addition to these, she shakes her head "no" when she doesn't want something you're offering her and can sign "eat" when she's hungry. She'll also just go to her booster chair at her table and try to climb in when she wants a snack.
It's so fun to hear her little voice and see her face light up with excitement when she correctly repeats a word we teach her. She's so smart!
Char loves her blueberries. They're definitely her favorite snack. She also likes watermelon, mac and cheese, and barbecue chicken. She's really a pretty good eater and will eat just about anything. The one thing she will NOT eat is strawberries. She just makes a face, shakes her head no, and throws them.
She is still taking two bottles a day at school, but only one (if any) at Grammy's or Poppa and Grandma's. I've told her teacher to only give her one a day for the next two weeks, and then we'll take them away completely. She eats plenty of regular, big girl food now, so she doesn't need them any longer. I'm trying to stay on the same time table that we did with Grace, but Charley seems to be more in the baby stage still than Gracie was, so I'm kind of letting her go at her own pace.
Her favorite activities are chasing Grace, Noah, and Easton around trying to hang with the big kids. She also likes hanging with little J and can say "JJ". She loves her mini-playhouse, coloring with crayons (and hoarding them all), watching movies in her Minnie Mouse recliner, and doing anything to keep up with big sis.
Her favorite movie is Brave, hand down. She also likes to watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Planet 51, Tangled, and almost anything on Disney Junior.
We are having so much fun watching this little girl grow and learn. She is so sweet and won't go anywhere without her blanky. She loves snuggling and sleeps in between Mommy and Daddy or in Grace's bed all snuggled up to her on occasion. We have been so blessed with our two little cupcakes.
We're looking forward to the next three months where we'll begin weaning Char from nursing, taking away the bink, and then potty training. She's getting so big!

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