Last Week...

...Charley and Mommy played while Grace napped:

...Grace saw Mommy pumping and decided that she needed to pump, too. She now does this every afternoon when I get home from work:

...Grace got a ride on Daddy's shoulders, and Charley loved watching them play:

...Grace taught sister all about shoes:

...she brushed her hair and took pictures of her:

...angel baby slept so sweetly:

...we took Gracie out to dinner because she got bumped up TWO classes at swim school. She did so good one day, that they let her skip a class, and now Mommy doesn't have to swim in the pool with her:

...Grace had her first lesson in the big girl swim class. She goes in all by herself with the teacher. She cried for the first twenty minutes but still did all of the lessons. The instructors said this will usually happen the first four to five classes because kids are afraid of being in the water without their mom or dad. Hopefully she gets used to it quickly. It's hard to sit there watching her cry in fear and not be able to help her:

...we took her to Memphis Barbecue after this one to get her spirits up:

...Grace let Charley play with Clifford. Whenever Grace gives Charley her toys, Charley lets out a huge squeal of excitement. Grace always tells her, "It's not scawy. It's just Kiffode!" They're so stinkin' cute:

...she tried so hard to crawl:

...she blew bubbles at the camera and showed off her fuzzy hair:

...we napped together after work. I love that she still let's me cuddle her:

...Grace ate an ice cream cone in bed, because I'm the coolest mom ever:

...we went shopping at the mall and had lunch:

...Charley got a cool corn rattle from Baby Gap, and Grace learned how to say, "Go Huskers!" (although it sounds a little more like, "Go Huffers" haha!). It totally helped Nebraska win that night:

...she also learned a song from Eddie Eagle. He teaches kids about gun safety. He says, "Stop! Don't touch! Leave the area. Tell an adult." Grandpa Espejo shows Grace the videos to teach her not to touch guns. She randomly started singing it during the football game: girl slept some more. I don't know why I can't stop taking pictures of her sleeping:

...the weather changed and we had a nice drop in temperature, so we ate breakfast in the backyard. (We're totally going to buy a new breakfast table for out there!) Charley played in her jumper while we ate:

...Little Bug tried pears for the first time. How'd she do? Check it out:
She wasn't the biggest fan. baby dolls fell asleep together while watching TV. These moments are just so precious:

...we went out to look for Halloween costumes and got stuck in this lovely mess. Thanks, Mr. President. Everyone was just standing around talking and walking their dogs. Luckily, it only lasted a few minutes:

...Zac and Stefanie came over for breakfast, and Charley snuggled with Daddy while watching football.

...we played around a little and got a great shot of those teeth:

Charley loves to pull my hair to get my face right in hers. She's the best kisser:

...she also tried sweet potatoes this week. We decided maybe the pears were too tart and something a little more bland would be better. Sweet potatoes were Grace's first food on Thanksgiving, and she LOVED them. Did Charley? Nope:
Almost the exact same reaction as the pears. I guess she isn't ready for food yet. She isn't used to different tastes, so they totally take her by surprise. We'll try again soon with something even more bland.

...Charley hit the five month mark!

...we snuggled in bed on Sunday watching movies together:

See ya next week :)

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