Last Week...

...Charley played in her Boppy:

...Grace showed me how big and strong she is:

...we went to Grandma and Grandpa Espejo's house, and Grace showed Charley how to color:

...Grace practiced her colors. Usually, once she gets the hang of something, we move onto learning something new. For example, she had her colors down, so we've started introducing days of the week and practicing those. We haven't worked on colors in a while, because she knew them all really well. Apparently, it's easy to forget this stuff when you don't practice it regularly. We'll have to work on learning new stuff while continuing to establish the old stuff. She's just as adorable mixing her colors up anyways:

...we got some rain accompanied by some rainbows:

...I got my nails done in anticipation of football season next week. (FYI - my nail girl is awesome! Let me know if you want her contact information):

...Charley turned four months old and had her check-up with Doctor Vu:

...we took the girls on a mini shopping spree where Charley got a new play gym and Gracie got some Ninja Turtles to play with Daddy. When we got home, Charley hung out in her toy while Grace and Daddy broke out their her new ones:

 Next thing we knew, Charley was passed out:

We also got Pocahontas. I've been waiting for it all summer, and Grace has practically begged to watch it every night since.

...we got even more rain and Charley loved watching it out the back window while hanging out in her bouncer. She doesn't use this thing very much anymore, but it's so adorable that I try to get her into it whenever I can:

...Grace insisted on climbing into Charley's crib with her. She said, "I have to give her kisses, ok?":

...we laid on a blanket in the backyard and watched the clouds roll by: stepdad's family all came into town for Labor Day weekend, so we all met up for breakfast. Grace was her usual cheese ball self as we headed to play with her cousins:

She shared a cheeseburger with Marissa:

After we ate, we took the kids to Toys R Us for some fun stuff to play with over the weekend. Afterwards, we headed back to Papa and Grammy's to play in the pool:

Marissa really liked holding Charley:

The kiddos colored while Grammy made dinner:

Since I'm not a fan of marinara sauce, Grace finally had spaghetti for the first time. She seemed to enjoy it, so I guess I'll have to make it for the family from time to time:

The next morning, Grace had a bit of an attitude as we drove to El Torito to meet up with the fam for breakfast:

While there, she learned how to cut up her eggs all by herself:

We went back to Grammy's to play with Cash. He got some hugs and gave some kisses. Every time I see him it makes me miss him so much. I wish we were home enough for him to move back in with us. Especially because Grace can't get enough of him. They're still bff's:

(This is one of my favorite pictures of all time!)

Grammy hung out with her girls:

Rick hung out with his brother and sisters:

We all played a game of volleyball in the pool while the girls had a Minnie Mouse tea party:

We went inside to take a nap, and Grace got a random fever. It lasted all the way until we went home that night to give her some Motrin. By then it was up to 104 degrees, but the only other symptom seemed to be sleepiness:

I put a cold beanbag on her head followed by a cold washcloth once that got warm. After a couple of hours (and no sleep for me as I was worried about my baby girl), the fever seemed to go down some. 

Stay tuned for an update on Gracie Mcfever-pants next week!

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