Happy Birthday to Me

Ahhh, twenty-six.

The downhill slope to fifty has begun.

I can officially say that I am at the best, most exciting, most enjoyable point of my wonderful-filled life.

I have an uber amazing hubby, the sweetest baby girl in the world, another special little one on the way, an awesome job, and the best family and friends anyone could ask for.

Luckily, life looks like it will continue to get better and better (if that's possible).

This year for my birthday, I came down with a sinus/cold/allergy thing that only lasted two days.

Since one of those days happened to be my birthday, I wasn't really up for doing anything special.

Isaac's Grandma Sally from Nebraska sent me some beautiful flowers to work which really brightened up my day:

Then, my mom also surprised me at work with this gorgeous black leather purse and wallet that I absolutely loooove. Ever since I had Grace I haven't really been using a purse, but this one fits all of my stuff and a couple of diapers, wipes, snacks, and toys. It's perfect:

It's even purple on the inside. So pretty:

Instead of going somewhere, my mom, Rick, and Geni came over to our house for dinner. Isaac cleaned the whole house and cooked up one of my favs: Fettuccine Carbonara!

We played with Grace, watched her dance, ate dinner, and had a really great time just hanging out at home.

If every birthday feels like this one, I wouldn't mind have lots more!

Happy Birthday to me :)

P.S. This is my three hundreth blog post!!

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