Nursery Decor

One of the hardest decisions I am currently facing is how to decorate the nursery.  Isaac and I have looked at tons of websites and hundreds of different themes but haven't been able to agree on one.  I want pink everywhere (obviously, because she's a little girl), and Isaac wants something more grown up and not too babyish.  We found one called Sugar Plum that we both liked, but there was one was purple.  I knew I had to find something pink for little Gracie.

It seems like I have been googling 'baby bedding' every day for weeks.  Today, I finally found one that I absolutely love and guess what?  Isaac likes it too!!  It is called Petals by Lamb and Ivy.

I'm not too crazy about the oval pictures on the wall, but I have to have everything else. How adorable is that little mobile? Seriously! I'm thinking that instead of the pictures, I can do her name on the wall like this:

I can just buy little wooden letters at Jo-Anns and paint them chocolate brown to match.  Then get some pretty brown ribbons and voila...we've got our wall decor!

My next step is to start shopping for the furniture.  I really like the dark woods like in these two pictures, and there are tons of cribs nowadays that can be converted into a toddler bed and then into a full size bed with just a few tools. They have matching dressers, armoires, and nightstands.  I'm thiking that is a great idea so you can keep using the furniture as the baby grows older.  I was super excited to paint this weekend, but I'm realizing that we should probably wait until we get everything in her room to see what colors and styles we want to paint.

5 more months until Grace arrives :)

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