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Since we have decided to name the baby Grace, I wanted to find out what exactly this name meant.  The name of my great grandmother is Maxie Grace which is where I got the idea from.  I love the way it sounds, and I really like that it's not too out there, which is very trendy these days.  I didn't want my daughter to have a name like Apple or Phinneous and wonder in 10 years what the heck we were thinking.  I also love that the name Grace is an older name which helps me to believe that she will be innocent and have strong morals and values.  After looking up "the meaning of the name Grace", here is what I've found:

It is of Latin origin and means blessing or goodwill.

As a vocabulary word, Grace can be described as meaning "effortless beauty".

In Christian theology, grace is the unconditional love of God toward all people.

In Greek mythology, the Three Graces were goddesses of nature.  They represented brilliance, laughter, and good cheer.

I really love this name.  Not only does it sound beautiful, but it has amazing meanings in many different cultures.

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