Christmastime in Disneyland {Day One}

Monday was our first day in Disneyland. I woke up super early and couldn't go back to sleep, and I found Daddy and Perry sleeping like this.

We all got ready and headed into the park right when it opened. The girls loved the countdown to open the gates. Since the actual park wasn't open yet, we hung out on Main Street and chatted with Minnie Mouse.

After saying good-bye to her, we headed on into the park. Christmastime in Disneyland is my absolute favorite. Everything is decked out in lights and red and green Mickey ears. There is something so magical about this place, and it's like it's on steroids for the holidays.

While Daddy, Grace, Poppa, and Gran went on Space Mountain (Char was too scared), Charley and Perry played with the kugel ball in Tomorrowland. Char thought it was so cool that she could stop it on her own. We also rode Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters while we waited and then again as soon as they got off their ride.

We had reservations for Breakfast with Minnie and Friends at the Plaza Inn. It's our favorite character meal, because there are always so many different ones, and the food is delicious. We saw Minnie again on our way in.

While Grace and Charley were getting their food, Chip came over and hung out with Perry. I thought she was going to be afraid of the characters, but girlfriend fangirled over every single one of them.

The girls made their way back to the table just in time for a picture, and then Winnie the Pooh walked up. Max came over immediately after, and then we had a brief second to eat.

Perry was all about the Mickey scrambled eggs and had the best time ever.

Captain Hook was next, and he wasn't happy that Peter Pan was at the next table.

Tigger hopped over, and hugged all the girls over and over. He was the sweetest.

Eeyore stopped by after Tigger, and Perry killed me with all of her excitement.

We saw Rafiki next. He is always super cool to see in person.

Chip walked by, and Perry ran over to get another quick hug.

Peter Pan was next, followed by Dale.

After breakfast, we stopped by the castle to look at all of the pretty decorations.

We made our way to Fantasyland where we went on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Snow White's Scary Adventures, and the King Arthur Carrousel. 

Don't let Perry's smile fool you. She hated the carousel.

We ran into the Mad Hatter, so the girls stopped to chat with him.

We walked through Sleeping Beauty's castle before heading to Adventureland.

Grace rode Indian Jones' Adventure, while Charley, Perry, and I snacked on apples with caramel. Then we all went on the Jungle Cruise, which is always fun with the kids. They love to ask "is that real?" every time we come upon something new.

The girls made wishes in a fountain, and then we all got some Dole Whip.

We played in Tarzan's Treehouse, too. I always love the beautiful scenery, but I'm not too fond of all of the stairs you have to climb.

Next up was The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. We finally found a ride that Perry actually enjoyed. She did OK on them all, but you don't realize how scary and dark a lot of the rides are until you have a little one with you.

After that, she passed out in her stroller. While she napped, Daddy and Gran took the big girls on Autopia, where they got to drive around for a bit.

We caught some of the Christmas Fantasy Parade, while Poppa, Gran, and the girls hit up the Mad Tea Party, too.

Perry finally woke up, and we ended the day at The Haunted Mansion with Jack Skellington. She loved him and wouldn't stop talking about him afterwards.

After that, we headed back to the hotel since we were all exhausted from a long day.

Day Two is up next! Stay tuned...

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