One of Our Favorite Things

Our second day in Disneyland was almost as awesome as the first. We started out by taking pictures in front of Main Street Station. We didn't have a lot of time to do much more, because we had breakfast reservations at the Plaza Inn.

This has quickly become one our favorite things to do in Disneyland. The Plaza Inn has a delicious spread of breakfast items in a buffet style setting. There are tons of characters that come to greet you and take pictures the entire time you are there. I don't think the girls really even ate, because they were so busy playing the whole time. It's so much fun!

Once we were seated, Minnie Mouse came by first. She signed the girls' autograph book, admired Char's Minnie skirt, and kissed and hugged the girls over and over. They were in heaven. It was such a great idea to take one of the earlier reservation slots, because the restaurant wasn't super busy yet, and we got in tons of time with each character.

After Minnie Mouse was Eeyore, Chip and Dale, and Tigger. They all came together and hung out for a while.

When Rafiki came over, Charley handed him her baby Minnie, and he held it up like The Lion King.

Captain Hook was awesome. He even played hide-and-seek with Charley around the restaurant.

Tigger came back and brought Winnie the Pooh.

Max came over to hang out and made sure to give everyone fist bumps, and then Dale and Rafiki came back to see the girls again.

Finally, the Fairy Godmother came out. Grace had been asking about her since Friday and was so stoked to see her.

We all got a picture with Minnie before heading back into the park to play. We had so much fun at breakfast. I think we'll have to make sure we hit this place up every time we come.

After we ate, we headed to the Astro Blasters to ride them before the line got too long. As usual, it did not disappoint.

Then, the girls ran with Daddy to go on the Buzz Lightyear ride. They were obviously excited about that one.

Isaac and Alex took Grace on Space Mountain, while Allison and I hung out with Char. She brought some fruit from breakfast to snack on and worked her muscles out on this giant boulder that spins when you push it.

Then it was our turn, while the boys waited with Grace and Charley.

After we all had our Space Mountain fix, we headed back to Pirates to go again. This is one of everyone's favorite rides.

The girls spotted Tarzan's Treehouse and had to check it out since we had never done it before. They loved it so much that they made us go twice.

We decided that it was about time to head to Newport for the afternoon after lunch at the Golden Horseshoe and stopped to watch some baby ducks play on our way out.

We ran into Daisy near the exit, and the girls had to say hello to her.

We had another great day in Disneyland, and I already want to go back. I don't know that I could ever get tired of it. It's a good thing the rest of my family loves it just as much!

Just like that another Disney trip was behind us, and we were on our way to Newport! 

Stay tuned...

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