Last Week...

...Gracie did Charley's make-up with their pretend make-up from Little Cosmetics. The girls got this fake-up in their Easter baskets that totally looks real. They love to play with it. Char was cracking me up as she'd try to watch the eye shadow brush with the eye that wasn't being worked on.

...Tuesday we played outside, and the girls rode their bikes. Charley is really getting the hang of it and can now pedal down the entire street without help.

...Wednesday, we went to Lucille's for an early dinner, and Charley got down on some corn on the cob. After we ate, the girls played in the splash pad and had a blast, while Isaac and I enjoyed a gorgeous evening outside.

...Thursday was "Bring Your Child to Work Day". Of course I had to bring the girls to show them what Mommy does all day while they are at school. They were so excited and picked out fancy outfits to wear. We had so much fun having them in the office all day. They colored, worked a little, and watched their iPads under the desks. We even got some rain, so we took a break to splash in the puddles.

...papa Rick came in to the office and showed them how to use the copy machine. They would make a copy, run back to my office to show me, and then run back to the copy machine screaming, "again! again!" through the whole office. They were so cute! one point, late in the afternoon, I was on the phone with my new boss when Charley started screaming. I turned around to see her mouth full of blood, so I had to tell him I'd call him right back. Apparently, she pinched Grace, so Grace kicked her in the mouth. Thankfully, it was just a tiny cut (that bled so much!), and she fell asleep under the desk after I gave her some ice for her lip. Grace ended the day coloring pictures to hang on Auntie's wall and taking some important phone calls.

...when we got home, the girls dressed up in all of their favorite princess dresses. Every time we get back from Disneyland, they wear costumes and ask us if we want to take pictures with them. Since we did breakfast at Ariel's Grotto again this last time, Charley wanted everything to be announced as it was happening. She makes us take a picture with her in each different outfit. These videos crack me up.

...Friday was dance class, and the girls looked as cute as ever with their American Girl puppy and kitty that they insisted on bringing.

...Saturday, we got ready and went to Hobby Lobby for some decorations for Char's upcoming birthday party. The girls also got some sand crafts to do. I remember doing them all the time at my Dad's house as a kid, so it was so fun to see my kids playing with them, too.

...late that afternoon, we got some rain, so we hung out in the garage to enjoy it.

(I made some cute new headings for the blog, and then changed my mind when I started putting it together. Obviously I went with a collage instead.)

...Sunday morning, we made breakfast and ate together at the kids' table. This is becoming one of my favorite traditions, because the girls love having us sit there with them and act so silly.

...Char and I snuggled in the La-Z-boy, while we waited for Daddy to shower and get ready.

...I braided Charley's hair, and she was so happy to finally have braids like Gracie's.

(Seriously? How freaking cute are these tiny little pig tail braids?!)

...Grace hung out with Toodles, before they spent the rest of the day at Grandma Espejo's house. She took them to see the new movie Home, while Mom and Dad spent the afternoon shopping.

...the girls fell asleep watching Disney Nature movies in our bed. If you haven't seen them, I highly recommend them. I cried during both of the ones we've watched: Chimpanzee and African Cats. They're SO good.

See you next week <3

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