This Week...

...we took Grace to one of our favorite places to eat in Henderson, Villa Pizza. It's not like any other Villa Pizza. This one is a cute, little, old, Italian guy and his family that make everything fresh from scratch as you order it. We always have the special with mild chicken fingers and a medium cheese pizza, garlic knots, and extra ranch dressing. Grace loved it:

...Grace got a new Olivia chair. She loves to sit in it while eating her fruit snacks and watching her shows:

...we waited patiently while Isaac got his first tattoo:

It turned out so perfect!

...Grace and Isaac decided to play instead of go to bed at bedtime:


...Grace played with her Sesame Street pals:

...Cash chewed through our Directv cables so Isaac dug a trench in front of the gate and ran them out there to keep them out of his reach. Luckily it was overcast outside, so he didn't have to deal with the heat:

...Isaac must've taken pictures of Grace when she was crying because I found these on my camera:

...after months of waiting, football season FINALLY started. Grace and I were uber excited:

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