Birthdays and Mustaches

This past Saturday was Francesca's 23rd birthday, so she invited everyone to come celebrate with her at Yardhouse.

We took Gracie over to my mom's for a few hours so we could spend some time out with our closest friends.

Isaac even called Marc and convinced him to come:

Since Kasie and Kelli recently had their birthdays, they decided to wear birthday hats too:

Frannie gave each of us girls a mustache to wear:

We only wore them for a few minutes, because we kept getting little hairs in our mouths!

Me and my hott hubby had a couple of beers:

After hanging out and having some great conversations, I was ready to go home to my boo bear. She had been sick for a few days so I really felt bad leaving her to begin with.

I took her home and we snuggled in bed while Isaac went over to Jeni's to party with everyone for a little longer.

I must say that although I absolutely LoVe my friends, snuggling in bed with Gracie after a long night is the sweetest thing in the world.

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