Am I Really One of those moms?!

(sick baby with rosy cheeks)

It all started up at the cabin when my mom came down with some outrageous cold.

I mean, she seriously was fine one minute, and deathly ill the next.

Ok, maybe not DeaThLy ill...but pretty darn sick!

When we got home, she went to the doctor and discovered that she had:

a sinus infection,


AND and ear infection in BoTh ears.

Needless to say, we didn't let Grace go to her house that week.

She got some antibiotics and we got my sister, my dad, and Isaac's mom to take turns watching Grace.

While we were fine all week, Grace decided to come up with a gnarly cold herself on Friday.

This was the FiRsT time I called her doctor.

I was told to purchase a cool mist vaporizer and let it run at all times in her room (which is actually our room since she's still sleeping in our bed ((which I know is a terrible habit, but we love it, and she loves it, and we'll deal with that later))).

That's a lot of side notes.

Anyways, along with the vaporizer, Grace was put on a steady dose of Benadryl every six hours.

The Benadryl seemed to be helping because she was no longer sneezy and the snot that had been running down her nose in a constant stream almost completely stopped.

After tending to a sick baby for two days, I went to bed with a semi-sore throat.

The next morning I woke up with a full blown cold that consisted of the worst congestion I've ever felt...EVER!

I then called Grace's doctor for a SeCoNd time in one week.

This time it was because I am still breastfeeding the little pumpkin and needed to know which medications were safe for me to take.

Apparently, all cold medicines are safe, however, anything you take to dry up your sinuses can also dry up your milk. 

So I got to deal with this crazy little cold while taking only a nasal decongestant.

About two days later, the congestion went away, and I was left with a gross sounding cough (which I still have).

The following week, Isaac went to bed with a sore throat and woke up with this fiesty sickness.

GREAT! Now we all have it.

On on top of taking care of a sick baby, a sick daddy, and my sick self...Grace hadn't pooped for four days.

Being the awesome mom that I am, I again called Grace's doctor (yup...that's ThReE times in one week!)

Am I really becoming on of those moms?

Those moms that call their baby's doctor when they laugh weird, or cry funny, or their hair looks different.

No, couldn't be. Not me! I'm just trying to take precautions to make sure my little stinker comes out of this all happy and healthy...right?!

Well, she is. I think.

She seems to be just fine now, hasn't had Benadryl for three days, and has pooped FOUR days in a row!!

Too much info?

Too bad (you're lucky I didn't post a picture)!

You can't imagine how happy I was to see poop in her diaper. Yah, I actually got excited to change a poopie diaper. Gross? Yes. Necessary? Double Yes!!

So that's where I've been, and now that we're all back on schedule and feeling better, I'm looking forward to catching up on this little blog.

Stay tuned.

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