Mud Party

We had a pretty crazy summer thunderstorm last week that transformed our street into a muddy river. I got home just before the downpour, but I could totally see it coming.

We watched from the windows at first, because it was just nuts out there. Grace has been teaching Char the "It's Raining" song, and she's starting to pick it up, so we sang that while watching it pour. (Char recently started saying, "Oh meee gosh", and it's literally the cutest thing ever. I kind of got it at the very beginning of this video.)

The grade behind our house is higher than our yard, so the water was just pouring through the joints of our block wall. It was also hailing like crazy and almost looked like it had snowed in our front yard.

When it calmed down a bit, we decided to head outside to check out the damage. Our entire street was a muddy mess. We didn't last out there for too long, because this storm just kept rebuilding and circling back over us again and again.

We stayed inside for a while longer until it finally passed. When the sun came back out, it was so bright that you couldn't even look down the west end of our street without being blinded.

The storm left us with the best piles of mud and the prettiest rainbow I've ever seen that just kept getting brighter and brighter as the sun set below the mountains. The kids had a blast spending the rest of the evening getting as muddy as possible and playing with their besties.

(Cutest brothers ever, right there!)

Summer storms have always been one of my most favorite things. I love the loud thunder and listening to the rain pour down. Since we have lived on this street, this muddy river thing happens once every single year. We always let the kids have a mud party, because it's so much fun, and we make some of the best memories. It's kind of like Christmas (which is only four months or 117 days away...say what?!). We are so thankful to live on the best street with the greatest neighbors around. We truly are blessed!

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