Last Week...

...Grandma Espejo took the day off work and spent it swimming with these crazy girls.

...we watched Hercules before bed.

...Char and I passed out, and Grace (who is getting way too big for her own good) took a million pictures of us sleeping.

...we played outside and rode big wheels and scooters. Grace was cracking me up shaking her little tush to get the big scooter to move.

...Char and I got in some more snuggle time while she watched Arthur after school.

...I got my nails done in anticipation for football season to start. Go Titans <3

...we played outside in the rain and had a mud party after the storm.

...the girls played dress up in their room (which is almost completely finished! More on that later.).

...Charley has started making this face when I try to take her picture where she holds up an "I'm #1!" sign and sticks her tongue out. It's weird, and I don't know where she got it.


...we had dinner at Ventano, and Grammy took the girls across the street for Purple Penguin snow cones after we ate.

(There's that tongue and her #1 finger again...)

...the girls watched Partysaurus Rex, and Char got a little crazy with her dance moves.

...she finally settled down with Toodles under her arm.

...Char fell asleep on the way home from Poppa's on Friday.

...the kiddos went to bed early after having no naps that day.

...Grace totally played me on Saturday morning. Isaac was still in bed, and I was being lazy on the couch when she pulled this...

...Charley learned how to use the camera on my phone and took shots of me french braiding Grace's hair.

...She wore her "I'm So Fancy" shirt, and sang the song ALLLLL day long. "I sooo fanceeee. You-edd-ee know-ohhh."

...we took the girls to the Children's Discovery Museum and had so much fun playing in the vet center, at the grocery store, and being "weathermen" on the Magic School Bus weather set.

...we had dinner at the Sebastians, and when we came back home to grab some water balloons, this giant tarantula was hanging out by our garage door.

...we played outside all night, and Char gave JJ hugs.

...Sunday morning, the girls had a pillow fight that ended with Grace crying (get some, Charley).

...they decided to turn on Daddy instead.

...we watched Spiderman 2 in bed, and Grace couldn't have been more excited. She's been seeing it on iTunes and begging us to watch it for weeks.

...Charley got dressed up in her favorite Ninja Turtles outfit to hang out at Auntie Allison's house.

...we had wine and S'mores cookies during our fantasy draft. The perfect combination!

...Grace said, "You can call me Jake Locker whenever you want." That's my girl!

...Charley climbed into their new hutch, so of course Grace had to do it, too.

...we completed our fantasy draft, and I'm gonna win!! C'mon Drew Brees. I'll be rooting for you this season! (It's seriously the first time I didn't draft mostly Titans players...especially in the first few rounds.)

See ya next week :)

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