Last Week...

...we played outside in the rain after school, and the girls had fun with their cute little neighbor friends, the Bolwins.

(Grace played with Blakey's glasses and army knife...that might make an awesome Halloween costume right there.)

...we Facetimed with our besties to say "good night", even though they were just across the street.

...the girls slept right next to each other. I absolutely love that they share a room/bed. They're so close, and it's so sweet to see them at bed time. Now if I can just get them to sleep through the night without needing me. They'll wake up, see or feel me next to them, and go right back to sleep without making a peep. It's when I try to go downstairs that we have an issue, because I'm not into going up and down all night long. I'm hoping that them sleeping right next to each other will help, because they'll feel someone there and be ok. When I sleep in bed with them, neither of them wakes up at all...we'll see how it goes.

...Grace helped Daddy cook dinner, which made her more willing to eat lots of it. She likes to take a few bites, say she's full, and then ask for a snack around 9:00. We've been trying not to give her anything, so she'll learn to eat dinner. Apparently, when she cooks it, she'll eat a whole plate full!

...Toodles snuggled with Gracie while she watched movies.

...the girls continued to sleep next to (or on top of) each other in the cutest ways possible.

...Grandma Sunshine picked them up from school on Wednesday and took the to the library and to see Planes: Fire and Rescue afterwards. They had a blast with her, as per usual.

...I got my nails done by Tiffani. Trying to space my appts out more and more since my allergy is starting to act up again. I may be needing to take a nail hiatus for a month or so to give them time to get over it.

...we played outside with friends, and Charley and Easton raced on their scooters.

...we went to the new Outback for dinner that opened a little closer to home.

...I filled up water balloons and got a huge box of confetti poppers and Pop-Its from my mom. The kids had a blast throwing, popping, and playing with each other Friday evening.

...Saturday morning, the girls helped Daddy make egg burritos for breakfast. He taught them how to crack eggs, and Gracie was a pro. Char needed a little more help.

...Grace wore her new shirt, and she and I got the cutest matching leggings. I saw the shirt and knew she had to have it, since Turn Down for What is her jam.

...we ran some errands, which obviously tired the girls out.

...Isaac and I saw the most adorable mini picnic table a couple of weeks ago at Duck Creek Days. He woke up Saturday morning with a plan to make one himself, so we found plans online and got to work. We already had most of the wood needed from when we did work on the girls' new room, so it was fairly inexpensive - less than $25 for the whole thing! The girls and I played out back while Matt helped Isaac build the table.

...we moved to the front for a little bit and caught a gorgeous sunset.

...when the table was complete, we ordered pizza and followed it up with milk and cookies, which Grace thoroughly enjoyed.

...Toodles slept on his back in the girls' bed that night. Way too cute!

...the yellow paint dried overnight, so we moved the girls' new table into the kitchen, so they could eat breakfast on it. We moved their old one upstairs so they could have a table to color on in their play room. I love how this picnic table turned out. We have some canvas pictures hanging in our living room with yellow in them, so we bought some yellow pillows for the couch, and this table just ties it all in perfectly. Not to mention, we now have room for more kids to eat dinner! was rainy again on Sunday, so we spent most of the morning playing outside.

...Grace and I ate lunch while Daddy and Charley napped.

...Grace passed out next, so I reorganized their play room...again. I do this way too often, but it gets so hard to fit all of their toys in there. Another few bags full made their way to donation sites.

...the cleanliness of a play room never lasts very long.

...Daddy gave the girls a ride to the bath to wash up before bed.

Lots of projects going on around here lately!

And guess what? I didn't forget the videos this time!!

See you next week <3

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