Beach Babes

We took a quick trip to Newport Beach the last weekend in June. It's our favorite spot, so we try to go a few times a year with the kids.

Brother hung out under the shade, while we got everything set up for a day in the sun.

His mean muggin' skills are on point.

Perry loved the sand and kept running all over the place. She was so excited to be at the beach.

Daddy bought some new chairs on our way there, and they were perfect for the sand.

Brother fell asleep with a grin on his face.

Charley dug a hole, and then tried to bury Perry in it.

We watched the girls jump over waves and run from them as they rolled in. When brother woke up, he tried out his new sunglasses and was the coolest guy on the beach.

The girls had a blast playing in the sand.

Daddy let brother get a little sun before it got too hot.

The Unertls met us there, and the kids had so much fun playing together. We spent the whole day catching up, playing in the sand, and laughing our butts off together.

Brother got his first taste of the ocean, and he was not a fan.

Gracie saved Jakson from a giant wave that caught them, and it was so cute.

Brother napped some more after we all took a quick lunch break.

Charley made a "couch", and then Perry stole her spot, and she had to make another one.

Grace never left the water. She's always been a beach babe, and I could totally see her being a surfer if we lived in California.

I checked on Brother to make sure he was still sleeping before heading down to the water with Perry.

We had so much fun running from waves until one took us down.

After a long day in the sun, we were all ready for a nap and a shower.

We had the best time, as per usual. We love soaking up the sun at home by the pool, but there is nothing like sitting on the beach, listening to the waves rolling in while the kids run through them. We always talk about going to check out different beaches, but we have the best time at our usual spot and always find ourselves coming back to the one next to Balboa Pier. Newport definitely has our hearts, and I hope the kids all grow up remembering how we came here every summer and made the best memories.

Until next time, beach!

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