Last Week...

...Monday was Labor Day, so Isaac and I had the day off work. After going to get my barre fix in, I came home and got the best snuggles from Perry. 

...the girls were going crazy after spending the morning inside, so we decided to take them to the park to run out some energy. Charley just wanted to play with Perry, so we let her try the swing out for the first time, and she wasn't certain about it.

...Charley brought home this picture of our family that she drew at school on Tuesday. I love how she just draws heads with legs coming out of them. She's the best.

...she had soccer practice Wednesday, and Daddy got her the cutest little outfit from GapFit. She was so excited to wear a sports bra and wasn't happy when I made her put a shirt on over it.

...I found some cute barre tanks at Under Armour, so Shelly and I both got them and wore them to class that night. The back is open, and they're super cute with a pink sports bra.

...the girls had dentist appointments on Thursday, and Char held Perry, while Grace got her teeth cleaned.

...the both did a great job and NO CAVITIES. Yay!

...Perry played with a highlighter to act like she was working while the big bosses were in the office Friday.

...Char brought home a sweet handprint flower and worked on writing her name some more.

...Friday night was Back to School Movie night at Grace's school. I decided to take the girls at the last minute, and they were so happy to see so many friends there. We sat with the Luks and I was surprised how Char just jumped right in, playing with the kids from Grace's class. You'd think she was in first grade, too. Perry was sleepy, since it was her bed time, and Jess got her to go to sleep in the middle of all the action. Hudson was the sweetest and put his alien next to her head.

...back at home, Perry snoozed away. All of my girls (and Isaac) had colds this week. Poor Perry would cough in the middle of the night, and it would make her gag. I'd alway wake up and try to sit her up quickly, but most nights she'd end up throwing up milk all over. It made for a lot of laundry, and she had to sleep in our bed without her DockATot while it was in the wash. I got up in the middle of the night to put it back together, because although we slept with Grace in our bed at this age, the DockATot just makes me feel so much safer, and I wasn't comfortable without her in it.

...Saturday was the girls' first soccer game of the season, and Char's very first game ever. Charley started an hour before Grace, so we went to her park first. She was so funny warming up with Gracie and kept trying to check her back to see what her number was.

...her game started, and two minutes in, she fell down. She came up crying and ran over to Isaac and I. She cried, "I hate soccer", and we were thinking this was the end of her soccer career. I explained to her that she's tough and sometimes when you fall down, you just get right back up and keep going. That's what shin guards were for and she's the toughest girl out there. That seemed to motivate her enough to keep playing.

...she scored her first goal, and then this girl was all about it. The rest of the game was mostly spent with Charley taking the ball away from anyone that had it and running ahead of them all towards the goal. If she could just keep her feet under her, she'd be killing it out there. Either way, we were pretty impressed with her natural skill.

(Game face!)

...Grace and Daddy had to leave Char's game about ten minutes in to head to her park. Charley and I headed straight there when she finished, and got to Grace's game just after half time. It was super hot, so she was kind of over the whole running in the heat thing. The Sebastians had just finished Easton's football game on the other field, so they headed over to join us. Char took the camera and got some good shots of Grace along with some random other ones.

...Gracie's team won, and she always has so much fun with her sweet friends.

...we went to lunch with the Sebastians afterwards, and everyone had a blast.

...that night, we went over to the Gerfy's to watch the Rebel game. Perry loved Amelia's chair and hung out in there for quite a while.

...Sunday morning, I went to Barre in the Park and got my workout in. It was a nice change up to do it outside the studio.

...when I got home, Grace was rhyming random made-up words, and Perry thought she was the coolest.

...Perry has recently started to hold on to my shirt when she nurses, and it's so sweet.

...we snuggled on the couch, while we watched football all day, because it's FINALLY football season!

...of course I had to get the girls in their Titans gear for game day.

...Char took some random pictures around the house with my camera and got this cute one of sister.

...she also played with her babies and carried them all around the house.

...that evening, we took the girls to the park to work on some soccer skills. Grandma Espejo met us there and kicked the ball around with them.

...after all that running, the girls still wanted to play at the park, so we hung out for a little bit before heading home.

Another fun week in the books! See you next time :)

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