Last Week...

...Perry played on the floor with Flamingo Freddy. 

...she was sleeping so peacefully, and I went to take a picture of her. She must have had a bad dream, because she started crying in her sleep.

...I gave her the binky, and she was back to happy napping.

...Gracie made a volcano at school and wrote about how you should use your mouth wisely. She wrote, "You should not interrupt, because it's annoying.".

...her teacher sent us this sweet card. We love Grace's school so much and are so grateful for its amazing teachers and faculty.

...I finally got my new diaper bag in, and it was love at first sight. It's a Kiki Lu bag with the softest mint leather. I was worried about how much it would hold, but it fits everything I had in my other diaper bag, and I can even stash my laptop in there with everything else. (Plus, I got it $40 off on Labor Day!)

...we went to Grace's soccer practice on Tuesday, and Charley played with Perry and the filters on Snapchat.

...Gracie had her best practice of the season and seems to be turning a corner in soccer.

...I got to go to 'Back to School Night' where I sat at Grace's desk and talked to her teacher and the other parents in her class about what to expect this year. Her teacher let us look through their desks, and Grace's journal got me all choked up. She's such a sweet girl.

...we did some online shopping, and Perry and Charley were super excited about their new dresses and rompers.

...Daddy hung out with Perr at lunch time on Friday.

...the girls had soccer clinics on Friday, and Perry and I met up with Daddy, Grace, and Char at the park to watch them learn some new skills.

...Perr was exhausted and slept like a baby that night.

...she woke up super happy Saturday morning and played on the floor, while I got the girls ready for their soccer games. She recently found her toes and loves to hold them while she rolls around.

...Char wanted lots of ponytails in her hair, so we came up with a new hairstyle for soccer game days.

...she dominated the field again. Basically, the game just consists of Char getting the ball away from the other team and kicking it into (or out the side of) the goal. Girlfriend had FIVE goals this time.

...Grace's game was in the middle of the afternoon, it was super hot, and one girl got sick. Since one was already out of town, we only had one to sub in at a time, and they were all dying from the heat. It wasn't the greatest, but they stayed on the field, and we were so proud of them anyways.

...right after Grace's game, we hurried over to Paxton's first birthday party. The girls played with Presley and had a blast running amok. Paxton was so adorable and absolutely loved his cake. It's hard to believe that it's already been a whole year since he joined our family. We love you, Pax!

(Happy Birthday, buddy!)

...the girls were obviously exhausted after such a busy day and slept the whole way home. When we got home, they just put on jammies and watched their iPads until they fell asleep. Meanwhile, Perry and I cuddled while watching some football.

...the next morning, Gracie came downstairs and played with Perry.

...I got in an early morning workout at barre. It really is the best to take an hour to escape from life and focus on myself for a change.

...Perry got dressed up for football Sunday, and we were so happy that the Titans finally won!

...we hung around all day relaxing and watching football.

...I even caught Toodles lounging in the hallway. Silly kitty.

...Perry did some tummy time and is getting so strong.

...she napped and looked so sweet snuggling with her blanky.

Here's to another week in the books. See you next time!

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