Last Week...

...the girls looked so cute Monday morning all ready for school, so I had to take a quick picture. What do you know? I finally got a super adorable one of them to send out with their valentines without even trying!

...Char was the cutest little Eskimo in sister's old hoodie.

...the weather was fabulous, so we spent lots of time playing outside with our neighbor friends.

...Grace and I got into a fight Tuesday morning, because I wouldn't let her take eighteen puppies to school with her. Miss sassy-pants gave me the silent treatment.

...I told Charley to smile, and she said "no!" with a smile on her face.

...the girls enjoyed juice boxes after a long afternoon playing out front. 

...we had dinner at Jimmy John's, and Charley was being a total goof.

(I've watched this video a hundred's one of my favs of Char just being her silly self.)

...she was so worn out that she fell asleep in her sleeper before bath time.

...Auntie Elisha spent the day with the girls and took them to the park and to have lunch at Grandpa Espejo's range.

...we had a sushi dinner date with the Sebastians.

...we celebrated Valentine's Day and had dinner at Grandpa and Grandma Espejo's.

...we spent Saturday at Town Square with Poppa and Gran. One of our favorite things to do when the weather is nice is go to Town Square before it gets crowded and sip on coffees while the girls run around in the grass and feed the birds. Now that Charley is a little bigger, she's so silly. She'll throw the bread right in front of her feet. When the birds won't get it, because it's too close to her, she'll just pick it back up and eat it herself. She also loves to say "hi aiwpanes" when the planes fly over and watch her sister in awe as she gets the birds to actually eat her bread.

...we played on the playground once it opened up, and the girls had a blast climbing all over the place, riding down the slides, and spinning around on the merry-go-round. 

...we played for so long, that it was lunch time, so we headed to Yard House to eat, only after we stopped in It's Sugar and got the girls cupcake necklaces, of course.

...after lunch, we said good-bye to Poppa and Gran and headed over to Pinkbox Doughnuts. We've been dying to try it out for a while. We grabbed a dozen and headed over to Matt and Frannie's to share these delicious creations and watch the Rebs beat Utah State.

...after the game, we played some random drinking games while Charley slept on a bed we made for her. Grace was in charge of collecting the ping pong balls, and she had a blast.

...Grace FaceTimed with Grammy and her friend that she decided to name "Blue".

...she woke up Sunday and was so happy that we were staying home so she was able to wear her favorite princess "pajammies" all day.

...we let Charley wear her big girl panties all day on Sunday. She had a couple of accidents, and she was afraid to go on the potty. She isn't afraid of the potty itself, but she just doesn't get that she's allowed to pee and poop in it. She was doing much better towards the end of the day, so we'll keep working on it next week. It's crazy that Grace was almost completely potty trained at this point. I'm determined to have Charley in big girl panties full-time before her second birthday.

...Grace made a fort (that's not really a fort, but that's what she called it) in her kitchen, and then took all of it into mommy and daddy's bed to watch a movie.

I love how she used her pretend orange juice to hold up the blanket.

...Charley climbed into her sleeper and snuggled up with her blankies. I've said it before, but she is just the sweetest little sleeper.

That's all for now. See you next week!

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