A {RED} Valentine's Day

This year, Valentine's Day was a little low-key for us. We have been crazy busy so far this year and only have a million more events coming up in the very near future, so,we decided to kind of sit this one out.

Valentine's Day fell on a Friday, and we switched days at school so the girls would be able to attend their class parties. We spent our afternoons during the week getting their valentine's ready for their friends.

Gracie picked out Sophia and Frozen valentines, while Charley wanted Minnie Mouse. Grace also chose some awesome Spiderman suckers that never got used. We started out by mailing out valentines to our family and friends, a tradition we started when Gracie was six months old. She had fun helping me put the heart labels and stamps on all of the cards.

(Grace kept most of the stickers for herself. Feel special if she sent you one!)

After we got those sent out, we started on their classroom valentines. Grace decided that she wanted to do Starburst ones, and we chose Goldfish for Char since her class is all two-year-olds. We had fun making these ones as well, and they turned out so super cute.

Since we were being crafty, I made some little valentines for Isaac and left them around the house to find as he was getting ready for work (the bathroom, his shoes, keys, etc.).

 The girls woke up in great moods and were so excited for their parties. The school was having a competition to see which class wore the most red, so of course we had to go with the theme.

Their parties didn't start until after nap time, so I got to spend some time in their classes with them after work. Grace was the cutest hanging out with her friends Kennedy and Shaina while they ate snacks and passed out valentines.

When we went to get Char, her class was watching Frozen, and, like usual, Charley was glued to the TV singing along to every part.

We headed home to get Daddy, and then we had plans to have dinner at Grandpa and Grandma Espejo's house. The girls had a blast playing with Butkus, jumping on the trampoline, climbing all over the slide, and running all over the place. Thanks for dinner, guys!

Valentine's Day is all about spending time with your loved ones and showing them just how much they mean to you. Since we try to do this every day, I think you can call our V-Day a success.

There is no way that I could possibly LOVE my family any more!!

Happy Valentine's Day <3

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