The Perfect Spot

We made plans to meet Grace's buddies, Noah and Easton, at Reunion Trails Park to play in the water on Sunday:

She was so excited to go play with them.

We stopped at the store to get watermelon, juice, and crackers to take with us.

By the time we got there, the place was packed!

As soon as we walked up to the park, another family got up from their table, so we got the perfect spot.

Daddy loaded Grace up with sunscreen, but he got it all in her eyes.

It took her a few minutes to recover, so Mommy had to walk around with her while she was being shy:

She kept pointing to her eyes and whining, so I took her back to Daddy so he could try to wash the sunscreen out of them:

After a quick cracker break, she was ready to run (thank goodness!):

Noah took her hand to show her the cool spots:

She loves "Oah":

Easton got in on the action too:

He loved splashing in the little fountains:

Grace had so much fun playing in the water:

Charley just slept the whole time...such a good girl:

Noah and Grace watched the big kids play basketball for a bit:

Easton had a juice box:

Then the kiddos ate some fruit:

After we were done with snacks, Noah and Easton went on the awesome swings:

So of course Gracie wanted to join:

Since Grace started falling asleep on them, we decided it was time to go.

We always have lots of fun with the Sebastians.

I'm sure we'll be heading to this awesome park a lot more this summer!

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