Smarty Pants

Can you believe Grace is nineteen months old?

Time flies so much faster when you have a baby!

This month she got to go see Dr. Vu for a check-up and didn't even have to get any shots.

She was super excited hanging out in the waiting room and even learned how to say "cars":

At nineteen months, Grace weighs in at 26 pounds, 4 ounces. This puts her in the seventy-fifth percentile for weight. We absolutely love that she's so squishy. It's makes it much more fun to smother her cheeks with kisses.

She is also 31 inches tall. This is in the sixtieth percentile. Baby must have gone through a growth spurt since her last check up, because she was only in the thirtieth percentile back then.

This month Grace learned a lot of new words.

My favorite is when we say her bedtime prayers and at the end she says, "aaaamennn". It's so precious!

She's now obsessed with Elmo and says "Ah Ehmo?" for "Where's Elmo?".

She's also gotten really good at this matching game on our iPad. She can even click the tiles and find the matching pairs faster than Daddy can!

She can say "please" and "thank you", "more", and "baby".

Grace is still in love with movies, and this month she's been really in to Despicable Me and Ratatouille.

She loves to drink out of water bottles, and says, "wa wa" when she's thirsty.

She has slept in her own big girl bed (in our room) for a whole week now! It actually makes me kind of sad. At least she still wants to snuggle and fall asleep in my bed. Then I move her to her own bed once she's out. It's adorable when she wakes up in the morning and climbs out of her bed with her binky and blanky in her hand.

She lifts her shirt up and says, "baby". She thinks she has one in her belly too!

She loves our camera and holds it up and makes sounds like she's taking pictures.

She has started having full on conversations in Gracie gibberish with herself.

She likes to pretend to feed babies and make sounds like they're eating.

I'm so fascinated watching her learn. Every single day she says a new word and does something I can't believe.

My little smarty pants is growing up!

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