In Comparison

I promised I'd post some of the older pictures we got when we were back in Nebraska.

My absolute favorite one has to be this one of Isaac and Zacarias:

Although these ones are pretty cute, too:

We got some pictures of his mom when she was younger:

(Sooo pretty!)

And even younger:

(That's Her on the Right with Papa Taylor and Aunt Susie on the left)

And some of his dad's side:

(Isaac is on the left with Grandpa Espejo, his dad, and Papa)

Isaac's dad at eighteen months:

(Can't you see a little Gracie in there?)

Here's one of Grandpa and Grandma Espejo the year before they were married:

And another one of them caught in the moment:

Going through all of these old pictures and hearing stories about all of Isaac'a parents and grandparents when they were younger really inspired us to start researching our history a little more.

We didn't start looking back until Thursday when we were in Nebraska, and we had to leave on Saturday. I wish we would've started a little sooner.

We want to get pictures of all of our grandparents as kids and our parent's with their parents so we will have them to show Grace and Baby Girl #2 when they get older. It's so interesting to hear about their lives and how they grew up in comparison to ours. It really makes you feel blessed and so thankful that our parents worked as hard as they did to make it a little easier on us.

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