The Best Year Yet!!

We couldn't decide what to do for our New Year celebration, so we hit up our neighbors to see what they had going on.

Since we all have kids, it seemed perfect for all of us to get together to celebrate.

We decided to grab some appetizers, chocolate fondue, and sparkling cider and make a night of it.

Nick and Shelly, the best neighbors EVER, even got out their bounce house and set it up in the street for the kiddos.

The night started off with lots of Cheetos (I mean a lot):

Then we headed over to the bounce house for lots of jumping, sliding fun:

(Notice Grace's change of clothes...Easton lost his Cheetos in the bounce house. Poor kid!)

Grace's favorite part was sliding down the entrance face first. She'd do it over and over again and each time she'd face plant into the carpet at the end. She would come up laughing and do it again:

The bounce house was followed by Grace eating more Cheetos in her car:

I cut up a lot of fruit for the fondue, and the kids all went crazy over it. They ate strawberries, pineapple, and bananas and didn't even want the chocolate with it:

 We even got Grace to pose for a quick picture in her New Year's hat:

I was very surprised that the kids lasted as long as they did. Once they started getting tired, Isaac put on movies for them to watch in the garage. They all got their blankies from home and snuggled up to relax:

(Little Colton on the right was out instantly.)

Grace's hair was a little staticky, so I had to snap a picture:

Nick and Isaac enjoyed some beverages while the kids chilled out:

Once they all got their second wind, Misty brought out the fireworks and they all got up to watch.

Grace loved them and would watch each one, let out the cutest little scream, and then say "all done":

We even got to play with sparklers:

Once 10:30 rolled around, most of the kids had gone to bed and Gracie finally passed out on Daddy's lap:

She was such a trooper!

Believe it or not, this was one of the funnest New Year's Eves I've ever had. We got to play with the babies and still have lots of fun.

This year has been the best year yet! From experiencing new things with Grace to taking fun trips with friends and family and even finding out that we will be adding another baby to our family.

I cannot wait to see what 2012 brings and am so excited to meet our new baby girl.

Some of my goals this year:

1 - Have a healthy pregnancy and baby girl.
2 - Get Grace to use the big girl potty and forget about the binky.
3 - Have as much fun as we did in 2011!

Happy New Year!!

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