Last Week...

...Charley was an official baby mama on Monday with her baby wrap. She loves to wear her baby just like I wear Perry.

...speaking of Perry, she continued her obsession over the Little Unicorn Deluxe Swaddles. You should see her face light up whenever you put one on her.

...we caught a gorgeous sunrise on our way to school Tuesday morning. Those rays are where it's at.

...Gracie started soccer back up and was so excited to see her buddy, Peyton, at practice.

...Perr was a sleepy bear at work Wednesday and started sleeping on her side in her sleeper.

...after a long day of naps, she woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. This apricot romper is one of my favorites. We won it in an auction for #fightlikerocky, and when Litto Bear Necessities sent us this free bow, I knew it'd pair perfectly with the romper and platinum moccs. Dressing girls has to be the funnest thing ever...and those thighs!!

...I saw this picture of my mom as a kid and couldn't help but see Grace in her.

...Perry slept in the stroller at soccer practice on Thursday.

...Daddy is working with Gracie a little more this season to help her with her skills and coordination. She's really loving soccer, which we love. It's so fun to watch them grow in a sport.

...Meanwhile, Perry woke up and played with Charley. Char wanted to take pictures of her and got these adorable ones.

...the sunset was stunning as we drove home, and the girls kept pointing out all of the pretty colors. This picture just doesn't do it justice.

...this has to be one of my favorite times of the year. It's finally starting to cool down a little bit in the mornings and evenings (this week anyways), and we get to see the sunrise every morning.

...Perry hung out in her play gym and sucked on her pointer finger as she napped.

...she came with me to get a pedicure after work on Friday, and she was so good. She loved looking around and watching everything, while I got to relax for a hot minute.

...we went over to Alex and Allison's house Friday night for our Fantasy Draft, and the babies had fun hanging together.

...Presley joined us, and she and Char had a blast.

...our draft was finally complete. I'm pretty excited about my team this year - Breesy Like Sunday Morning.

...we took the girls to breakfast Saturday morning, where Charley made sure to get every last drop of her cereal milk.

...the girls wore their "Sisters Make the Best Friends" shirts, but I couldn't get them all to look for a picture. We tried.

...Perry has been wearing bibs lately, because she's a drooling machine.

...her favorite way to sleep is with her blanky up over her face.

...we got ready for dinner that night, and Perry was in a great mood after her nap.

(always with the hands/blankets/dresses in her mouth)

...Charley made a picture of our family. My favorite part is how their legs come out of their heads.

...Perry worked on rolling over and girl is sooo close. We tried cheering her on, but she would just get close and then roll back to her back.

...after grocery shopping, Daddy made some mini squash and zucchini with carrots, and they looked so cute!

...Perr wore her "Worth the Wait" rainbow baby shirt, and we worked on rolling over some more. She's getting better with her hands and loves to hold toys.

...we read her favorite Jellycat Board Books, while she did tummy time.

...she got in one last rolling over practice before bed but still didn't make it this week.

(She's almost there!)

...all of that work really tuckered her out, and she went to sleep a little earlier than usual.

See you next week!

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