Mickey's Not-So-Fun Wheel

Our last day in Disneyland started out with Daddy taking Grace on the Star Tours ride. She had a blast and hasn't stopped talking about C-3PO and R2D2 since. He made sure to buy them really cool light sabers (on top of the rainbow Mickey ones we already bought) to seal the deal on the new interest in Star Wars.

Since Charley wasn't tall enough, we skipped on to Dumbo the Flying Elephant. Of all the times we've been to Disneyland, we've never been on this ride. Mainly because the line is always outrageous. It didn't disappoint, and Charley insisted on riding all the way at the top the entire time.

When we were finished, we hit up the carousel, since we hadn't heard from Daddy.

Next, we headed to the Royal Hall to hang out with some of the princesses. Chip spilled tea all over Belle's dress, so we had to wait a few minutes to enter. This ended up being perfect, because Daddy and Grace made it just in time to come inside with us. We saw Belle first, and Grace wanted to know if she changed her dress or if they cleaned it up that fast.

Ariel was next, and she danced with the girls through the halls.

Finally, we saw Snow White. Charley wouldn't stop hugging her. She must have known that this was her last hurrah with the princesses until next time.

On the way out, Mickey's band was playing in front of the castle, so we stopped for a quick picture on the side.

We decided to head to California Adventure, since we didn't spend that much time over there this trip. On the way out of Disneyland, the girls spotted Pluto, so we had to stop to say "hello".

We finally made it over the Ariel's Undersea Adventure. Grace remember that Olaf held his breath the whole time he was on the ride (Elsa told her so) and kept laughing about it all the way through.

We hit up the Golden Zephyr next, and Grace continued her pattern of wanting to sit with Daddy. 

We had to stop and see Woody and Buzz, since they are Char's favorite characters. Woody was just leaving, but he stopped to give the girls a quick hug on his way.

Buzz Lightyear was awesome and tried getting the girls to pose with their lasers on their arms.

Our final ride of the trip was Mickey's Fun Wheel. Unfortunately, it was also the final time we will ever go on this one, since it broke down with us at the top. We were stuck there for about forty-five minutes before they finally got us down. 

We got fast passes to any ride we wanted, but we had to get on the road back home and opted to stop for root beer floats instead. Obviously, the girls were thrilled to be off Mickey's Not-so-Fun Wheel.

We had such a blast with the girls this trip. We figured we had to squeeze one more in, since it'll be a while after the baby is born that we can go again. The girls are at the perfect age where everything is so real and magical to them. These experiences are ones that we will treasure forever.

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