The Magic of Christmas

This Christmas was one of the most fun, memorable, relaxing holidays that we've had.

It all started with us remembering to put Santa's milk and cookies out BEFORE the girls went to bed on Christmas Eve. I think this may be the first time, and it only happened because Gracie reminded us to do it.

The girls fell asleep early, so Santa and his elves got to work getting the presents around the tree. He was smart this year, and didn't really get anything that needed to be put together.

When the girls woke up the next morning (at 6:00 am), I showed them this picture that I took of Santa in our living room. They couldn't believe it. Grace asked how I saw him, so I told her that I went to get a drink of water, and he was there when I turned around. She was in awe.

The only thing Charley asked Santa for was a pink teddy bear. He got her the biggest one he could find, and when she came down the stairs, she tackled it into the girls new teepee.

They were so funny pointing everything out and oohing and ahhing over it all. Charley was most excited about her Charlie Brown plate, bowl, and cup. She has become a little obsessed with Charlie and his dog lately.

Grace couldn't wait to open her stocking, so we did those first. She loved her new Beanie Boos the most and was a little confused about the pink microphones that they each got. I told her to look at the box behind her. It was a karaoke machine, but when she saw the box, she got really excited and said, "we got a new washing machine!". She was even more excited when I explained what it really was.

The girls continued to open presents, and as per usual, they wanted to take each toy out of the box before opening anything else. They tag teamed and managed to get their new pink Barbie convertible out before moving on. (Thanks, Uncle Mike and Aunt Susie!)

Charley opened her new pajamas and slippers and immediately ran to the bathroom to change in to them. When we asked her who was on her slippers, she said, "Charlie Brown's dog!". She continued to wear these for the rest of the day (and asks for them every night).

Once the girls were finally finished opening everything, they decided to do Grandma Sunshine's make-up, which was appropriate since she got it for them.

I didn't get too many pictures of them opening gifts, because we were having so much fun playing with them all and laughing at the girls expressions.

Uncle Elijah spent the morning with us, and my dad and Ellie came over for breakfast, too. Everyone brought a little something, and we enjoyed each other's company until we realized it was already noon.

Uncle sang with the girls on their new singing machine, and they loved every minute.

Grandma Espejo came over a little later with Auntie Elisha, so the girls got to open more gifts.

After a while, Char laid on the couch with me and fell asleep.

While the girls napped, I got to work reorganizing their playroom to make everything fit in there. I guess I didn't realize that they still had so much downstairs, because when I thought I was done, Daddy filled it up with more boxes.

I decided that the rest of it could wait for another day, and we spent the night watching Christmas movies and playing with the girls. I am so thankful for my family. We had so much fun spending the day together making memories with one another. It was the first time that we decided to spend Christmas Day at home, and we were able to relax and truly enjoy the magic of Christmas rather than running from place to place, dragging the exhausted kids back and forth. I think this will be a tradition that we'll be sticking with, because being able to watch them play and giggle with each other all day was the perfect way to spend the holiday. We are so blessed to have each other, and every day I spend with these crazies makes me fall even more in love with them.

Merry Christmas!!

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