Fun on the Farm

For the past two years, we have taken a trip to Washington, Utah to hang out for a day at Staheli Family Farm. It is one of my absolute favorite traditions, especially because we always go with some of our favorite people. This year, Shelly and I planned it out way ahead of time and chose an early week in October so we could snag some of the best pumpkins.

We woke up Saturday morning, had donuts at the park with the Croppers, and had to stop by Old Navy really quick. Charley had some white leggings to go with her sweet little dress, and of course, I couldn't find them anywhere. Since we were there, the girls got balloons. As we made the drive up to Utah, they were so good and watched The Little Mermaid, napped, snacked and had balloon fights.

We knew we made it when we saw the familiar sign. Whoo hoo!

The first thing we saw while heading into the farm were the rows and rows of cows chowing down on some lunch. Grace and Charley loved watching them.

We played on a big red tractor and the girls pretended to drive it.

While we waited for the Sebastians to arrive, we played in the farm house kids club where the girls loved the kitchen and work bench.

Daddy and the girls climbed a big pile of tires, and then they went down the big slides that landed right into a huge pile of corn.

Grace heard me tell Isaac that our friends were parking and insisted on waiting at the entrance until Noah and Easton arrived to play with her. While we waited, we hung out on some hay bales.

I finally talked her into waiting over by the rubber duck races. She and Charley had so much fun playing in the water. As soon as the boys got there, they jumped right in. Char collected the ducks while the bigger kids pumped the water to make them race across. I think they would've stayed there all day if we'd let them.

After the rubber duck races, Grace, Noah, and Easton had fun taking turns on the see-saw and swinging on the horsey ride.
Meanwhile, Isaac was showing Charley how to feed the bunnies corn. She had so much fun and stayed there the whole time the bigger kids were having fun. When they were finished, they joined her. It was the cutest thing watching them get so excited over these little rabbits.
Next to the bunnies, there is an area where you can hang out with sheep, pigs, and goats. The kids fed them hay and got to pet and hug them. Charley made a sheep friend that wouldn't leave her alone. He kept going in for a kiss and following her. Even JJ got in on the animal action.
We spotted the big pillow top jumper over the fence and headed that way. Everyone had fun jumping all over the place. Gracie tried to help Charley, and JJ loved getting down and dirty with the bigger kids.
When the kids were done jumping, we decided to take a little train ride to give them a break. They hung out on hay bales while we waited for it to pick us up. It was so fun and took us up the hill by the pumpkin patch and all around the cow pastures. We even saw an escaped cow hanging out on the side of the road.
After the train ride, it was time for a snack/bathroom break.
When we were all fueled up again, we made our way over to get lost in the corn maze. The dads took the babies, while Shelly and I took the big kids. We got a little lost, and Noah tried to redirect us. Finally, we made our way out.
We played while waiting for the tractor to give us a ride up to the pumpkin patch, and we got to see Wicka Dee Witch. The boys were afraid of her while the girls were mesmerized. They wanted to sit and watch her forever.
We finally made it to the pumpkin patch and got to pick our own right from the vine. Grace was all over hers, while Charley was more interested in picking from the pre-selected pumpkins. Daddy pulled them in a wagon, and Grace showed her pumpkins to Jameson.
We made one last stop at Cracker Barrel for dinner where Isaac fed Easton shots of maple syrup (we all had French toast and pancakes for dinner!).
We had such a fun day! Since we came early this year, we may even make another trip up to the farm before fall is over. The kids had a blast and can't wait to go back!

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