We made another trip to the pumpkin patch on Thursday with the Sebastians.
That's three in three weeks! 
We headed over there after I picked the girls up from school, and they couldn't have been more excited to meet up with their buddies.
While we waited for them, we walked around picking out our favorite pumpkins and climbing on the hay piles.
(Seriously the cutest sisters in the world, right?!)
Charley loved the pumpkins and wanted them all.
We tried getting a picture of the girls as a sheep and a horse, but Chawee wasn't having it (obviously).
Grace spotted the big slide, and we spent a long time going down it over and over again. The girls loved playing with Daddy, and he had just as much fun.
(Love this Daddy/Daughter picture...melts my heart!)
When the Sebastians arrived, Noah and Easton jumped right in the mix. They were so cute all waiting for each other at the top to go down together and then racing to get off and climb back to the top.

They quickly made their way over to an even bigger slide. They had a blast going down so fast. Shelly took Char, because I forgot to bring socks. After that, Charley just wanted Shelly to keep holding her, so she could go again. I think she's her new favorite person.



We had to literally carry the kids away from the slides. They would've stayed there forever if we'd let them. Charley begged Daddy for more pumpkins on the way to the petting zoo. Girl is obsessed.

The goats didn't seem too excited when we first got there. Once they noticed the food in Easton and Gracie's hands, they were all up and following them everywhere. The kids had a great time letting the goats and sheep eat right from their little fingers. It was so sweet.



We were walking over to the swinging rides, when Noah pointed to the trampolines and said he wanted to go jump. We thought he was crazy and wouldn't go through with it. He's not really the dare devil type. He actually went through with getting strapped in, but we still didn't think he'd do it. The guy was so awesome, and totally talked Noah into going higher and higher. Noah would say, "Umm, just one more inch." It was so funny. He had a blast flying so high in the air.

Of course, Easton was ready to go once he saw Noah doing it. I think he had even more fun and had the biggest smile from ear to ear the whole time. Charley, Gracie, and Noah loved watching him jump and giggle.

Grace said she wanted to try when Noah was on it, but quickly retracted her statement instead telling me, "maybe next year when I'm bigger".
We finally made it to the swing rides, and Charley couldn't wait to get going. She loves riding with Mommy and trying to find Daddy out in the crowd as we spin around and yell "wheeee!".

The bigger kids went on the other swing ride, while we sat out with the babies. They were so funny laughing and giggling as they went around.
We have the cutest picture of these three from the first year we went to Staheli Farm. They were sitting on top of a huge hay stack. Shelly and I were bummed when we went this year and discovered that there was no hay stack to be found.
We decided to get the picture at Stu Miller's Pumpkin Patch instead, since they happened to have one. It's near impossible to get a decent picture with all of them looking, but I'd say it's pretty darn cute anyways. Love these kiddos so much.

(How adorable is this little guy?!)

(Cutest brothers award!)
The kids ran around for a while and we forced them they played with the animal and tractor set ups. It was too funny watching them as they all kept turning their heads in different directions to look at each other and laugh. They had the best time ever.

One the way out, we decided to try one more photo in the pit of baby pumpkins. We got the cutest pictures of Baby J while he and Charley flirted (of course).

We always have so much fun with these guys. I feel like three trips to the pumpkin patch is more than enough for one October, but I'm sure we'll be finding ourselves back there again, because the kids absolutely love it.
(Can I please just tell you that there are only about thirty days until we put up our Christmas lights and tree, and I'm dyinggggg? Can't.freaking.wait.)

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