Pumpkin Season

Last Thursday, after I picked the girls up from school, we met up with the Luks and Amy and Sophia at Stu Miller's Pumpkin Patch near our house. It's one that goes up every year at the end of September, and we always find ourselves hanging out there a few times during pumpkin season.
The kids loved seeing all of the pumpkins everywhere and had to get a closer look.
Amy has a little cake pop business called The Sweet Pop Shop (go check it out). I just happened to win some of THE most adorable cake pops the day before, so she brought them to the pumpkin patch. The kids loved the yummy pops and couldn't get enough.
When they finished their snacks, Grace and Scarlett made a beeline for the huge slide. They had so much fun sliding down over and over. Charley really wanted me to take her and then was terrified when I actually did.

Since the little ones weren't really big enough, we took Char and Sophs over to a pumpkin bounce house while the bigger kids were at a different one being crazy. They had a blast bouncing, climbing, and crawling around.

Next up was the petting zoo. The kids weren't too sure at first, but they were petting and chasing the animals within seconds. They had some sleepy bunnies, crazy ducks and chickens, and the cutest little goats that were instantly our best friends. They were so cute hanging out with the girls and letting them pet and hug them.

(Little Hudson was such a flirt!)

After the petting zoo, the girls walked around and ate more cake pops.


I tried getting Charley to pose in a pumpkin photo op, but she wasn't too interested.

We went over to a swinging ride, and Grace and Scarlett hopped on together. The whole time they kept spinning it around really fast. Poor Scarlett was getting dizzy, and I heard Grace tell her, "stop falling asleep, Scarlett". It was too funny! Char was too little to go on her own, so I rode with her. She loved seeing Daddy as we went around and would wave to him and say, "wheeee!" every time.
The Bears were playing that night, so we headed home after about an hour. The kids had such a blast! The ponies are being delivered soon, so we'll be going back for more pumpkin patch fun and pony rides next week!
Before I had kids, I loved summertime, but having these two crazy girls makes the fall and winter holiday seasons so much more fun!

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