Last Week...

...Charley hung out in the Baby Bjorn while Mommy cleaned the house:

...a kid ran the stop sign by our house and hit my car. Luckily, the kids weren't in it, and Isaac was driving so he slammed on the breaks and avoided worse damage. You can't really see how bad it is from this picture, but the whole frame shifted, and you couldn't open the passenger door:

It's now at the dealer for a few weeks getting repaired. I got a rental car, and I'm actually kind of liking having a small car for a change.

...Charley continued to talk and started getting some interest in her toes:

...I cut my hair off! So far, I'm totally loving it. I think I may even go and inch or two shorter next time:

...Grace worked on an art project at Grammy's:

...Charley drooled during tummy time:

...she hung out with Mommy and Daddy at work, and we had fun playing at lunch time: old cheer coach saw Grace on my Facebook and made her a comp card. She quickly booked her first job for a Halloween catalogue. After her fitting, we were able to bring some of the costumes home to practice for the shoot:

...Charley held on tightly to her toes while watching The Lorax with Mom and Sister:

...we had an amazing summer Saturday!

...we went to breakfast at Marie Callendar's. They have the best blueberry banana bread EVER:

Check out those perfect pigtails...wish my hair was as curly as Grace's!

...Grace and Charley played together:

...Daddy and Grace checked out Pinterest together:

...Charley slept in her sleeper:

...she loves to be swaddled. Put this girl in a swaddle blanket, and she'll sleep for hours:

Love my girls. I wish I could cuddle them all day and all night. Aren't they just the cutest?!

See ya next week :)

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