Last Week...

...Charley hung out in her pack n play for the first time:

...we had taco night, and the whole family chipped in:

...Grace and Daddy read together:

...Charley and Mommy played:

...Grace sang the intro song to The Lorax:

(I'll have to get this on's adorable!)

...Charley napped on Daddy:

...we had dinner at Poppa's, and Grace danced to Duran Duran:

...Charley finally laughed out loud:

...Aunt Jessie, Uncle Larry, and Aunt Laura came to town, so we had dinner at El Torito. After dinner, Grace had gum balls for the first time and loved them.

...the girls enjoyed their new swing set:

...we had fun during bath time. Every night when I tell Grace it's bath time, she tells me, "I yuv baff time. Chaw-yee taked a baff, too?" She loves helping us wash Charley. I'm so glad she's back to enjoying baths again:

...Grace played with Mommy's make-up brushes while we got all dressed up for breakfast on Saturday:

...Charley continued her love fest with her toes:

...Grace fell even more in love with Charley. I think she likes her more now that she can kind of interact with her. She loves to help take care of her:

...Gracie took a super long nap and only woke up when I was taking pictures of her:

...Charley napped too. This chick loves her swaddle blanket:

...we had our friends over for dinner, drinks, and a few games of Twister. We had SO much fun! Grace even got in on the game and had a virgin strawberry mojito:

...Charley was cute as usual and even sat up on her own:

...we snuggled at nap time:

...Grace and Charley played in the crib:

...Charley took a second nap in Mommy's arms and held her toes the whole time:

...I was taking pictures of her, and she liked watching her foot move on the camera. She just kept moving it back and forth across the screen in amazement. Little cutie pants:

See you next week :)

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