Last Week...

...Monday, the girls stayed with Grandma Sunshine, and she sent me this picture of Char wearing Gracie's awesome new Ariel heels and a dress that lights up and plays music.

...when we got home, I put together Gracie's birthday present, a storage shelf for all of her dress up gear. It turned out so cute, and she absolutely loves it (what girl wouldn't?).

...the girls were pooped from playing so hard at Grandma's and passed out while watching The Little Mermaid II (with Ariel in hand).

...Tuesday after school, I took the girls for an ice cream date at Baskin Robbins, and we had so much fun.

...Charley was her crazy self and sang "Under the Sea" all afternoon.

...we went over to my mom's to celebrate Rick and Gracie's birthdays, which are three days apart. They both got yummy cakes and blew their candles out together.

...after dinner, we headed to The Animal Foundation inside Petsmart, because my mom wanted to adopt a kitten for Gracie's birthday present. We let her play with four kittens, but she just fell in love with this little black guy. The other three wanted to get down and play, but he just laid in her arms and snuggled. She named him Toodles, and we brought him home that night. His first night, he stayed under our bed for the most part. He was a little nervous being in a new home. He already knew how to use his litter box and was such an easy, natural addition to our family.

...Wednesday, the girls couldn't wait to get home from school to see what Toodles was up to. Charley got to hold him and didn't want to put him down. Grace kept asking me to take pictures of her with him, and they even snuggled in her bed and watched movies together. 

...when it was time for bed, he just laid under the covers and slept next to her. It was so sweet!

...when Grace woke up and wanted to come in my bed, he jumped up on the pillow to sleep with us, too.

...Thursday was more of the same. The girls love their little kitty so much. Gracie even invited Noah over to watch Up! and play with Toodles.

(They are seriously the cutest!)

...Charley always watches Grace and I sing along to every song in the car, so she decided that she would join in. The problem is that she doesn't know any of the words (at least to this one).

...she played in the Ariel dress some more and danced the week away.

...she got some snuggle time in that night and enjoyed every second.

...Toodles slept with Grace again that night, and waited patiently while she took a potty break. 

...he also napped on the pillow while we watched movies.

...Grace and Charley hung out at Poppa and Grandma's on Friday. They were both passed out when I went to pick them up.

...Noah came over to play again, and the kids had fun playing with mustaches. Well, maybe Charley didn't have as much fun.

...Isaac invited over some of our friends for a wine/mustache night, and we had a blast.

...Charley watched Brave with Toodles.

...he hung out on the couch with Mommy and Daddy after the girls went to sleep.

...Saturday morning, we had to run some errands, and we had plans to watch our friends baby, Carson. We picked him up, and he came with us to Chase's first birthday party. We had so much fun with him, and the girls had a great time playing on the slip and slide in the backyard.

...we sang Happy Birthday to Chase, and he was so uninterested in his cake.

(Poor little guy!)

...we hung out some more and played with all of the babies that came to the party (seriously, there were like six under a year old together at one point!).

...after the party, we headed home. Charley sat in Carson's car seat when we got to the house and was asleep in about two minutes.

...Carson napped with Isaac and played with the girls' kitchen toys before his mom and dad came to get him. He was seriously the perfect baby for us and didn't cry one time. Plus, he's super adorable! We just loved having him for the day.

...we had dinner with Trey and Lindsey at BWW and laughed the entire time. 
(So glad we got to see you guys!!)

...Sunday morning, we had breakfast at the Coffee Cup, and the girls wore their red, white, and blue in support of the USA soccer team that was playing that afternoon. We even taught Charley how to make a #1.

...we still had a few hours before the game, so we went to see Maleficent. It was so good! I was a little nervous about the girls being scared, but they loved it. When it was over, Char kept saying, "again! again!".

...we spent Sunday afternoon watching soccer and snuggled with Toodles.

...Charley had a chocolate ice cream cone and was a hot mess afterwards.

...Toodles snuggled with Mommy after the girls went to bed. He really is the sweetest kitty ever!

That's all for now. See you next week :)

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