Last Week...

...Perry slept pretty well her first few nights at home, waking to eat every two-and-a-half hours or so.

...Monday morning, she woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

(My little koala baby!)

...she hung out in her rock 'n play, while I got Grace and Char ready.

...Nick and Shelly took Gracie to school and picked her up all week, and Char took a vacation week from school and stayed home with me. We ate some delicious blueberries and grapefruit for breakfast. (Have I ever told you that the Sebastians are the greatest neighbors EVER?!)

...Perry ate some breakfast (she's currently nursing for three to four minutes every two hours or so) and we snuggled, while Char watched Kung Fu Panda 3.

...she looks so different with her eyes open, and every day she changes from looking like Grace to Charley and back again.

...when Gracie came home from school, the first thing she wanted to do was hold her baby sister.

...we ate lunch, while baby napped peacefully.

...when she woke up, I tried to take some sweet pictures of her on my favorite "Perry Louise" blanket from How Joyful Shop.

...we played outside that afternoon, so we could get some fresh air after being cooped up in the house all day long.

...Perry did well that night, getting in a couple of three and four hour stretches in between feedings.

...Tuesday morning I got some work done, while Char loved on baby sister. She was so excited waiting for her to arrive, and it melts me to see her with the baby. Charley wants to be involved in everything the baby does. She runs to get the step stool whenever it's time for a diaper change, so she can help "buckle the diaper". She wants to hold her hand, while Perry nurses. She asks to hold her constantly. It's so awesome to see her love for her sister.

...just before Gracie got home from school, I got the two little ones to nap.

...Gracie and I ate lunch together and then worked on homework. She cracked me up when I asked her "which animal eats crabs?", and she replied, "the polar bear fish!". That sea otter does kind of look like a Polar Bear Fish...

...Perry made lots of faces when I tried to wake her up to feed her after a three hour nap.

...after she ate, the kid had milk all over her chin and neck.

(Check out those cheeks, though. Gahhh!)

...Perry likes to listen to the country station on Directv while she sleeps and I work. The girls danced to a slow song, which was so sweet.

...we snacked on Grandma's strawberrry pie that afternoon.

(Thank you for the delicious dinner and pie, Poppa and Grandma!)

...Perry got her first sponge bath, and it made her really sleepy. She clearly isn't a fan of the flash on my camera.

...whenever she gets fussy, I either put my hand on her belly or near her head, and she holds my finger. It instantly calms her down, and she falls right back to sleep.

...Thursday morning was more of the same from Perr Bear.

...Gracie dressed herself in the cutest flamingo skirt and even picked out her adorable flamingo hair clip to match.

...we took some pictures of Perry to document her whole first week of life, and of course, Char had to jump in a couple.

...I admired my littlest angel for the rest of the morning. It's so hard to believe that it's already been a week since we welcomed her into this world and fell hard for her sweet little face.

...Gracie came home and told Perry all about her day.

...she slept in Mommy's arms, while her big sisters put on a show for us.

...we had to go to Perry's doctor appointment that afternoon, but I wasn't cleared to drive yet. My mom picked us all up and took us to visit Dr. Vu (thanks, mom!) where we learned that Perry is weighing in at seven pounds, eight ounces and is in the fiftieth percentile for both weight and height (just like Char was!). She's perfect, and since she has to go back next week, we made annual wellness check-ups for Grace and Char, too. That should be fun! When we got back home, we snuggled some more.

...Nick and Shelly took the girls to the park to play with some kids from Grace's class. They had the best time and loved hanging out with new friends.

(Thank you guys so much for being so amazing to my sweet girls!)

...Gracie had a soccer game Thursday, where she put her awesome back kick skills on display. It's her newest move, and no one is sure where she learned it.

...I got in more snuggle time with Perry in between work on Friday morning.

...Gracie had her first field trip to the library, and Shelly volunteered to go with them. Grace had a blast, and checked out a book about cats with her very own library card. She was so excited to tell me all about it when she got home!

...meanwhile, Charley and I worked on letters.

...I had the best view at nap time. I seriously cannot get enough of this sweet girl.

...Frannie and Amelia came over to visit, and the girls loved entertaining Amelia. Can you believe all of these girls are ours?! I can't wait to watch them all grow up together and be the best of friends.

...Uncle Zac came over Friday night with Auntie Stef, Presley, and Paxton. We had fun playing with cousins, and the girls ate pizza outside on their table that Daddy made them.

(We're up to FIVE crazy Espejo babies! Love them all SO much!!)

...Perry enjoyed a midnight snack that night, while I enjoyed rocking her in my chair.

...Saturday evening the girls painted these flowers to display in our hutch. They turned out so cute, and the girls had so much fun making them!

...that night, we all watched Furious 7 and hung out on the couch together.

...Daddy napped with Perry Sunday morning.

...we headed to the park with Friendly's Doughnuts, so the girls could run some energy out. They had a blast in the splash pad and running amok on the playground, while Perry snoozed with Daddy. We ended up staying for three-and-a-half hours and had the best day enjoying the gorgeous weather.

...back at home, Perry ate and fell asleep in her favorite spot.

...I got a text from Gracie's teacher that their chicks at school were hatching, which made Grace so excited to go see them Monday morning.

...Perry slept the night away, giving me a six hour stretch of much needed sleep!

We are having so much fun with our three girls!

See you next week!!

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