Last Week...

...the girls took a picture with Toodles before school to show off his awesome lion hair cut. So thankful that Grace is no longer terrified of him being an actual lion.

...Daddy got the girls this new game, and after it hit him on his first try, no one else wanted to play it.

...the girls went to Grandma Espejo's on Wednesday night to sleep over since Isaac and I had to be at the hospital at 5:30 the next morning. Toodles usually sleeps with them, but I found him curled up in our bed and took a picture for them before kicking him out for the night.

...I came across this and thought it was perfect for me and my sweet tooth.

...Perry was born on Cinco de Mayo, and we are completely obsessed with her.

...the girls went back to Grandma Espejo's, while we stayed the night in the hospital, and they swam in the pool before bed time.

...we got to come home on Friday morning, and our love for Perry grew with each passing moment. I swear I took at least a thousand pictures of her within the first two days. She loves to snuggle, and her favorite place to be is sleeping on Mommy's chest after her belly is full.

...the girls made us Play-doh popsicles, and we made sure to pretend eat them. They were pretend delicious! slept some more. We discovered that she also likes her sleeper that rocks by itself and cozy blankets.

...her big sisters can not get enough of her and want to hold her, change her diaper, and kiss her constantly.

...this was my view when I woke up Saturday morning. My heart is so full!

...while Daddy took Grace to her soccer game, Perry and I snuggled, and Charley watched her iPad.

...Gracie had picture day at soccer, and Daddy made sure to snap a few for me. was the first hot game of the season, and Grace loved wearing her sports bra around afterwards.

...meanwhile, Char napped with baby sister.

...I had to get a picture of her hair, because it's so thick and dark in the back.

...she also gave me some new faces complete with the most edible double chin ever.

...Char admired her some more once she woke up.

...Perry continued to nap all day long with a few minutes of awake time in between.

...Grandma Sunshine came over and hung out upstairs with the girls for a while.

...Isaac and my mom brought some flowers over for Mother's Day, and they were so pretty.

...Grace made me this picture. The heart is crying, "because mom's cry when their kids give them sweet things".

(Perry is the tiny one.)

...Grace also helped Charley draw me a picture.

...I got this sweet necklace that has all of my girls' birthstones in it like eggs in a nest. It's the cutest thing in the world, besides them.

...Perry and I snuggled in bed, while Isaac and the girls cleaned up the house.

...I pumped for some relief, and Perry got her first bottle. Of course, Char wanted to help, too.

...we took some pictures, since my family was over for Mother's Day brunch. We had a great day hanging out with them all and spending time together.

This was one of the best weeks ever. We are so blessed with our three girls, and I can't put into words the amount of love that is pouring out of me at every moment.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mommy's! I hope your day was as blessed as mine <3

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