Last Week...

...Perry slept while I worked on Monday morning. Then when I fed her, the spitting up continued all over me - down my arm, in my shirt, and even in my hair.

...we changed her (and me), and she slept while I worked some more. We picked the girls up from school, and Charley wanted to hold her the second we got home.

...Isaac gave Grace an old phone of his, and, despite me telling her she couldn't, she took it to school with her. A few days later, while it was charging in my room, Isaac and I went through it and found some of the most hilarious photos and videos. It almost felt like we were reading her diary. These are some pictures she took at school.

...Perry woke for a feeding after a six hour stretch of sleep that night. Yay!

...the next morning, she was wide awake in her cute little jammies.

...Gracie had her end of the year Kindergarten play, so we got all ready and headed to her school to watch her. She's been so excited, practicing so much that even Charley knows the words to all of the songs.

...we got to school a little early, so we got to watch her play on the playground. Her and Easton are the cutest little friends around.

...she did so great in her play, and I choked up more than once watching her do her thing. I love Grace's outgoing personality and the fact that she loves to show off when she's proud of herself. The play was about animals, and Gracie was an elephant.

...after the play, they sang the song First Grace, First Grade, and, I may be biased, but she was the cutest again.

...the kids "graduated" and got their Kindergarten completion certificates. Afterwards, we hung around for pictures before Gracie went back to class. She had the best Kindergarten teacher this year. We could not have asked for a better experience, and the way Gracie loved going to school makes me excited for first grade. Thank you so much, Mrs. Grant! We love you!!

...back at home, Perr Bear and I hung out and snuggled.

...I told Charley to take a nap, and she refused. This was weird for her, because the girl loves to sleep. I found her about two minutes later sleeping on the stairs like this. A few minutes later, I heard footsteps upstairs, and she had ran up and gotten in bed to continue her three hour nap.

...meanwhile, Grace was outside taking videos with her "new phone".

...we played outside that afternoon, and Gracie played with my big camera. Most of the pictures were of airplanes, walls, and rocks, but she did get this cute one of Easton.

...Charley played on her ball that Auntie Allison and Uncle Alex got her for her birthday. She bounced up and down the sidewalk, and it was cracking me up.

...meanwhile, Perry napped inside.

...Grace brought home this picture of an ant. I love getting her school work and trying to decipher what she wrote. She's still in the stages of spelling things exactly how they sound, and it's so adorable.

...the girls dressed themselves on Wednesday, but I did their hair this time. They're the cutest!

...Perry slept some more (surprised?), while I worked some more.

...she woke up and hung out with me for a while this time instead of falling right back to sleep after nursing.

...she's been snoring a little this week. Isaac and I both got sick right when we got home from the hospital. Luckily, Perry didn't get the cough, but she did get a little congested for a few days.

...Grace's teacher sent us pictures of the kids enjoying apples with different kinds of dips for turning in so many minutes of reading this year.

...Perry was the sweetest snuggler that ever snuggled.

...Char continued her streak of wanting to hold baby sister as soon as she gets home from school.

...Grace took selfies on her phone.

...Thursday, Perry got dressed all cute, and then had a huge blowout all the way up to her elbows (howww?).

...she had to take a bath after that one.

...the bath tired her out, and she snuggled close to mama.

...Charley looked super sweet in her Gap dress and denim vest.

...Isaac kept Perry inside, while I spent some time painting with chalk paint outside. They both love to color and had so much fun with it.

...the girls wanted to hold baby before they went to bed. I love having three girls and can't wait to see their bond with Perry grow as close as Grace and Charley are.

...Perry slept for another long stretch that night. Five hours this time.

...the girls all got dressed in their cutest matching summer shirts on Friday.

...after we dropped the girls off at school, I took some time to hold Perry while she slept instead of working.

...she woke up to eat, and then it was right back to snuggling.

...I had my three week post-op appointment that day, and all is perfect. Since we were out around noon, we grabbed the girls from school early and met the Randalls and Ditatas at Mission Hills to play in the splash pad. The kids had a blast running amok all over the place, while us moms enjoyed the shade under a big tree. really tuckered the kiddos out, and I got to snuggle with two of my babies when we got home.

...Isaac went upstairs with the girls that night and they sang Frozen karaoke, while I snuggled Perry some more. I'm going back to work next week, so I'm trying to get in as much as I can now.

...she passed out all stretched out on the Boppy. It was hard for me to reach over the bed and get her out of the rock 'n play after my surgery, so she's been sleeping on top of a blanket on the Boppy in between me and Isaac. It's tall, so we can't roll over on her, I don't know when I'll move her, because I love to have her right next to me. I guess when she's too big for it.

...the girls came down and watched movies in our bed before going upstairs to sleep.

...we went to the pool, and Perry looked so sweet in her little Vivie and Ash flamingo outfit. I'm obsessed.

...we had a blast laying in the sun and watching the girls play in the water all day. They loved playing with Chase and Amelia.

...Charley shook her little tush so hard that she napped on a slice of pizza.

...Perry slept most of the time, and hung out next to Kaitlyn.

(Love those toes!)

...we spied on the hummingbird that is getting ready to hatch her new babies any day now. So sweet how little the nest is!

...Char snuggled with baby sister after her bath.

...Sunday morning, we went to Crepe Expectations for breakfast and ate outside, because the weather was beautiful. the car afterwards, Charley said, "I forgot to say my prayers!" and prayed for everyone in the city to be happy and healthy. Sweet girl!

...I went to get Perry out, and Gracie had given her a stuffed kitten to hold. How cute is that?!

...we went to Beckham's first birthday party at Hidden Falls Park that evening, and the girls had so much fun with their friends. They ran all over, ate some yummy food, and got soaking wet.

...again, Perry slept most of the time.

(Happy First Birthday, Becks! You're the cutest!!)

We had a great week, and we get one more day off for Memorial Day on Monday. Then I'll be heading back to work with the little babe. See ya then!

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