Last Week...

...Perry started staying awake for longer periods this week. She'll typically wake up for an hour or so before falling back to sleep for a two to three hour nap. She's still nursing for about five minutes every three to four hours.

...I am still enjoying lots of snuggle time with my littlest babe and never find myself wanting to put her down.

...Grandma Lisa and Paxton came by to visit on Monday, and she brought me a delicious caramel macchiatto.

...since Char missed school last week, she brought home some work on Monday, like this adorable Mother's Day card and hand print flower that she had made for me. She was so excited to show me her stuff, and I could tell that she was very proud. I think she sees me going through Grace's homework with her all the time, and she wants to show off her work, too.

...the milk in the Starbucks drink did not agree with Perry, and she was gassy for about twelve hours. She would kind of squeal in her sleep, and it was obvious that her tummy hurt when she'd curl up in pain. I felt so horrible for this little cupcake.

...she felt better on Tuesday, but she started spitting up a lot. She would open her mouth and milk would just pour out all over her, me, and the floor. Then she would be fine. She never cried, and it didn't seem to bother her at all.

...I took all three girls to the doctor by myself that afternoon. Grace and Charley had their annual wellness check-ups, and Perry had her two week check-up. They all did so well! Gracie is 49.5 pounds and 47 inches tall, while Char is 38 pounds and 41.5 inches tall. They are both in the 75th percentile for weight and 80th percentile for height. Charley had to get two shots, and now they are both up to date and won't need anymore until they are twelve years old. This news made them both happy!

Perry did great, as well. She is up to seven pounds, thirteen ounces - just two ounces shy of her birth weight. She's also grown half an inch to twenty inches long. She showed off her pretty blue eyes while we waited for the doctor.

...Wednesday morning, I swaddled Perry after we took the girls to school. She doesn't seem to like having her arms tied down, and grunted until she broke free.

...later that day, we played with Snapchat filters with her sisters, who thought it was hilarious.

...Perry waited patiently for Daddy to get home from work, while Grace and Char played in the back yard.

...Thursday morning, the girls got up and dressed themselves for school. I love that they love to match. Gracie even did both of their hair!

...I admired Perry some more while she slept in her favorite spot. Grammy took Grace and Char for the night, so I got to spend lots of time snuggling.

...she did some more spitting/throwing up that night, and then went back to sleep like nothing had happened.

...the next morning, she fell asleep holding my finger. She's the sweetest baby ever.

...the throwing up continued in the morning, but it's not after every feeding. She'll want to eat every thirty minutes to an hour for about four sessions. Then, she'll just throw up all the milk she just ate. Of course I Googled "projectile vomiting in infants" and scared myself. The doctor said as long as she is gaining weight, she should be fine. I guess we'll have to wait a couple of weeks until her next appointment to see how she's growing.

...Shelly sent me pictures of Gracie and Easton holding their baby chicks at school. So cute!

...Perry hit the two week mark, and continued to sleep the days away.

...she kept her arms swaddled while she napped that afternoon. It's really hit or miss.

...the girls all spent some time playing after Grammy brought Grace and Charley back home on Friday.

...Saturday morning, Perry snuggled with Daddy after breakfast.

...she lost her umbilical cord, so he gave her the first official bath, which she hated.

...the bath really tired her out, and she napped for four hours afterwards.

...I pulled out some baby pictures of Isaac and I to compare her to. I think she looks a lot like me when I was a baby.

...after Grace's soccer game, she and Charley spent the day with Grandma Sunshine. They went to her salon, pumped her gas, played at the park, and went to see Zootopia.

...after all of that fun, they were pooped, and Charley napped on the way home.

...Perry slept in her rocker, which seems to be her second favorite spot, as long as it's rocking. I'm so thankful they came out with one that rocks itself. I remember spending so much time with my foot on the bottom rocking it with Charley.

...Sunday morning, the girls came in our room and wanted to hold baby sister. I love my three girls so much, and seeing them love on one another takes it to a whole other level.

...when they were done, I got my morning snuggles in.

...Perry continued to throw up once a day through the weekend. I can totally tell that her cheeks are chunking up, though, which makes me feel so much better about it.

...she gave me the sweetest kissy face to show off her gorgeous lips that none of us can stop kissing.

...girlfriend continued to sleep even when we put her in the car seat to go grocery shopping.

That's all for now.
See ya next week!

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