Last Week...

...Grace blow-dryed, curled, and brushed Grandpa Espejo's hair with her new Minnie styling collection:

...Charley snuggled with Mommy as we watched the Bears win:

...Grace went to the store with Grammy, and she got to shop with her very own cart:

...Isaac and Gracie went grocery shopping and brought me home some pretty flowers:

...Grace and I played with chalk outside:

...Noah and Gracie hung out:

...Grace fell asleep next to Daddy and held his hand:

...we stopped by BJ's for dinner after swim lessons. Grace chose carrots as her side with her chicken fingers and devoured them all while Charley enjoyed a bottle:

...Charley and Mommy snuggled at bed time:

...Grace helped Charley attempt to eat bananas. She didn't care for them too much. We got the same reaction as the pears and sweet potatoes:

...we went to Uncle Elijah's football game and both kiddos passed out around half time:

...we hung out at home Saturday cleaning and watching football. Charley just watched:

...Grace read stories to Clifford, and they played on the iPad:

...she played in the back yard, and Charley loved watching her run around:

...Daddy and Charley danced...until she spit up all over him:

...I fed Charley, and when I came out of the bedroom, I asked Isaac where Grace was. He said he didn't know, so we started looking around. It was her usual nap time, so I guess she got tired and fell asleep next to the chair in our living room:

...we went to Boulder City's Art in the Park with Kasie and Jeremy, and I got to go see Wicked with Mom and Geni! (Thanks again, mom!!)

See ya next week :)

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Last Week...

Last Week...

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