Last Week...

...Aunt Geni watched Grace after work, so I could get my nails done. Grace was so sad that I left, she just put herself to bed:

...Grace and I stopped at Beach Bums for snow cones:

...the days started getting shorter, so instead of it being light when I leave for work, the sun is just coming up. Check out this beautiful sunrise I caught Wednesday morning:

...Grace ate a sandwich in the car:

...I got my hair cut a little shorter, and Grace styled it for me:

...Charley continued to sleep in her sleeper at night:

Except when I sneak her into bed to snuggle:

I can't get enough of my adorable, sleepyheads:

...we went to the hospital Thursday night, because baby Presley was on her way! Stefanie was induced the night before, but we waited to go to the hospital until we got off of work the next day. After about 5 hours of hanging out in the waiting room with all of the grandparents (and 25 hours of labor for Stef), we finally got to meet her. She is so precious! We couldn't be more excited to finally be an Aunt and Uncle. Grace and Charley can't wait to play with baby cousin, either:
(How awesome that she was born right as the Titans were kicking a field goal to beat the Steelers, too?! She's my lucky charm.)

...just as we walked in the door getting home from the hospital, a gnarly storm moved in and hail pelted the ground. We sure lucked out missing it by about three seconds:

...I think the hail storm is what officially got us into fall. Ever since then, it's been much cooler, and my girls started sleeping in pajamas rather than diapers/underwear (cutest thing ever - babies in footie jammies!):

...Charley watched movies in bed (one of her new favorite things to do):

...I got home from work and snuggled with her as she napped. I don't think there is a better feeling in the world then having your baby sleep peacefully in your arms. It's total status:

...Grace got into my make-up bag, and I caught her trying some out on her squishy little face:

...Charley napped in her car seat while waiting for the rest of us to get ready to leave:

...Grace climbed in Charley's crib and made her sister giggle. Love seeing them play together:

...Gracie fell asleep on the bed:
I adore this picture, because I've got one just like it from when she was a few weeks old!

...we had lunch at Jason's Deli:

...we met up with The Croppers at a pumpkin patch.

...we went to visit Presley again and got to enjoy her for a bit longer this time. Grace loved her, and Charley and her got to hang out on the couch. They're pretty close in age, so they're totally going to be BFFs:

...Sunday morning, we went to Rachel's Kitchen for breakfast after getting some family photos taken (photos coming soon). It was beautiful out, so we ate outside while a live jazz band played:

Grace was in love with the huge ghost, so we also had to get a close up look at that:

...after breakfast, we headed to Town Square to check out the Halloween store. The babies fell asleep, so Isaac and I enjoyed the quiet with some coffees:

Since the Halloween store wasn't open just yet, we bought Grace some new kicks from the Skechers store while we waited. We let her pick them out herself, and she kept going for high top, sequin ones. Finally, I was able to convince her that the light-ups were way cooler:

See you next week!

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