"Working" on the Weekend

A few months ago, our company purchased a suite at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway so that we would be able to entertain clients and enjoy the drag races.

Isaac and I had to "work" on Saturday, and the girls got to come with us, too:

Grace couldn't have had more fun. Not only were there super fast cars whizzing by every few minutes, but she got to hang out with Grammy and Papa Rick.

The view from our suite is pretty awesome:

Of course Grace had to bring her puppy. He enjoyed watching the races with her:

They cater lunch, so we enjoyed some snacks while waiting for the races to start:

 After smelling the food, Charley wanted lunch, too:

I recorded a video of one race so you would be able to get the idea of just how fast and loud they were. Grace has probably watched it eighty-five times. She LOVES the "fast caws":

The girls kept everyone entertained with their cuteness while Isaac and I talked with clients:

In between races, I let Grace sneak outside for a second to check it out. They were way too loud for her to be out there during the race:

She went back in to watch through the glass with Papa Rick. After each one, she'd say, "I wanna do it again!":

Isaac and I stayed out there for a few, and it was awesome. You can totally feel it throughout your whole body. I swear I could feel my eardrums vibrating:

Sunstate also sponsors one of the cars, driven by Justin Lamb. It was pretty cool to see our name on the side:

After the races, we headed home to nap. Grace passed out instantly:
(Love her leopard sweater and headband...gahhh!)

We had a lot more fun out there than I expected, and Grace even had a blast.

We'll definitely be volunteering to "work" the next race event!

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