Heating Up

Since the weather has really been heating up, we decided that it was time for our first pool day of the summer!

Grace was so excited to go swimming.

She got two new swimsuits this year, and both were too big.

(Hooray!! Excuse to go shopping!)

We grabbed one from last summer, decided it fit good enough, and headed for the pool.

Grace started out lounging in her Minnie Mouse chair poolside:

The sun was beating down, and it got hot quickly, so she was ready for the pool in no time:

Cash even got to join us for a swim:

Grace and I played in the water while Daddy soaked up the sun:

Then it was Daddy's turn to play:

All of that playing made Grace thirsty so Daddy got her some Hawaiian Punch:

Aunt Geni even came to play for a bit:

A little later, Kasie and Jeremy came by to enjoy the day. We had big plans to take Grace to see Disney on Ice with them later that night! In usual Isaac fashion, he lost our tickets from the car to the entrance of the show. Luckily, we were in a suite so he just bought some random tickets, and we were still able to get to our original seats. The second the show was starting, a car hit the transformer and took out the power to the whole UNLV campus. We only got to see Mickey, Minnie, and Grace's favorite, Buzz Lightyear, long enough to get her excited. Looks like we'll have to keep our eyes open for the next show, so Grace can get the full experience. She did get a Mickey Mouse snow cone and a light up wand. That's what counts, right?

We had a great day regardless and can't wait for many more pool days to come this summer!

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